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Why use promotional flags for business?

Why use promotional flags for business and what are the key benefits or drawbacks? Promotional flags have grown in popularity over the last 10 years, especially in the retail, public service, charity and event sectors. This article explores why the demand for promotional flags continues to grow and the key benefits or drawbacks of introducing them into a business. Impact + Attract the eye + Highlight a business premises – Flags need to be cared for to prolong impact – Text heavy flags can lose impact Subtle + Natural movement displays messages and POS in a subtle way + Flags
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Flag Care

Traditional Flag Care Bring down flags in excessive weather to prolong product life Wash within flag makers recommended temperature guidelines Check stitching and material for signs of wear and tear Flags are not indestructible – so looking after you flags during periods of excessive weather conditions will dramatically increase product life. Excessive weather conditions include: Hot summer days, where over exposure to sun can cause dis-colouration Heavy spells of prolonged rain where material becomes saturated Heavy winds A variety of above during seasonal fluctuations When you consider excessive fluctuations in weather patterns nowadays, it’s little wonder flag material won’t last
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