sailflags feather flagsA simple guide to designing Feather Flags

Feather flags are designed to attract attention. The natural movement alone will get your premises or event stand noticed.

Our guide to designing effective feather flags will help you focus on the important issues that need to be addressed, in turn, ensuring your flags work well for your organisation, for example.

Rule No1

Keep your design as simple as possible for high impact. Feather flags will move in the lightest of breezes, so having a lot of writing on them, for example, is likely to be a distraction from the core message.

Rule No2

Before adding mobile numbers, email addresses, QR codes, please consider whether anyone will use them in the context of a flag.  Perhaps there is no need for “Find us on Facebook” when the Facebook logo alone will achieve the same.

Rule No3

Focus on single or dual words that send clear messages to customers.

Great examples include simple things like OPEN for business premises for example, or OFF LICENCE, LOTTERY for retail premises.

Other great examples are simple product descriptors, like GIN, LAGER, WATCHES for example.

Finally, a lot of feather flags simply have brand logos on them (sometimes with descriptors on for new brands)

Rule No4

Wherever possible, use vibrant colours that will get your organisation noticed.

Rule No5

Ensure your design works from the front and back of the flag, especially if you are having 2 flags sewn back to back (often called double-sided)

Some designs, for example, look fine, but sometimes designers try exquisite designs that just don’t work when they are sewn back to back. Most feather flags in the UK are hand-cut and sewn, making it almost impossible to match up to any intricate design work, like angled colour sections, for example.

In conclusion, if you keep everything beautifully simple, your organisation will benefit from extra attention at shows or extra footfall through your premises. It really is that straightforward.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with designing feather flags, we are always on hand to help you through the process and the great news is that our design service is free.