feather flags used at a marinerAs many will tell you in the print industry; work has been very busy around the UK, no less so than in Cornwall!

With many customers and individuals requesting all sorts of flags and banners for the G7 event held in Carbis Bay, Sailflags worked around the clock to get every last product printed and stitched in time for the activities.

It was amazing to see so many bright flags and banners around the place, featured both on TV and all the social media channels.

Our work out of County was also very busy, with a number of customers needing last minute printing for small events that had been given the green light only a few days before opening. Sailflags has had to work a lot smarter this year, to accommodate such requests, but it’s possible to do if artwork is ready or straightforward to design.

Certain supplies are still in low stocks across the UK, so we have had the added stress and pressure of receiving important supplies at the 11th hour, so to speak.

As is mainly the case though, it is very rare suppliers let you down, even if you are waiting an extra day or two.