morley college banner flagAn effective way to design feather flags

When it comes to designing feather flags that will promote your organisation or brand effectively, it pays to do some planning first.

The vast majority of feather flags or promotional flags made are in excess of 1m high, up to 5m (even more)

When printing on such a large surface area, it is important to have any logos, images, illustrations etc vectorised, for large scale print.

What we often find is, customers send logos and illustrations that may have been used on small business cards or flyers. These are very often low res jpegs, for example.

This next part is a little tricky to explain, so please bear with us.

When it comes to trying to ‘blow up’ the size of a logo that is used on a small flyer, for example, the image blurs as it is stretched to fit the flag. This is technically referred to as pixelation. We describe it as blurring because it provides a very clear image in the customers’ mind as to exactly what is going on.

If you are currently facing this issue, we do offer flag customers a re-drawing service, which is very cost effective. The service will re-draw your logo and provide you with a number of common formats used in printing today, including high res jpeg and pdf, plus a vectorised eps file.

Once you have collated the essentials of your design and they are fit for purpose, it’s time to plan the design.

In the early days of promotional feather flag printing, customers often simply used their logo or simple message, like SALE or OPEN, for example.

As promotional flags have become increasingly popular, customers have added more content, including images, illustrations, contact information, product information and more.

The designs we see coming through the sales desk here at Sailflags vary considerably, from basic and clear to cluttered and confusing.

With flags of this size, we recommend to focus as much as possible on IMPACT.

Impact, in terms of creating the maximum attention to your brand, premises or show stand.

Flags that use bright colours will always beat flags that blend into their environment, for example.

If you have found this piece useful, that’s great.

If you are still a little confused about designing feather flags, do not lose hope! Our team at Sailflags provide a very efficient flag design service and it’s free to all customers.