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Feather Flag Bases | Options with Guide

Included in the price of each flag is a fillable base in black or white for use on any surface indoors or out, or a ground spike for use in soft ground such as grass or sand.  These are shown as items 1 – 3 below.  The fillable bases can be filled with sand or water (or a mixture of both)

As you can see, we have a full range of alternative base options.  These vary in price but of course we deduct the value of the FREE fillable base from your order.

Water Fillable flag base

1. FREE compact

Ground spike for feather flags

2. FREE ground spike

Large fillable base

3. Fillable white

Large fillable base

4. Fillable black

Drive over base for feather flags

5. Drive over ‘A’

Drive over base for feather flags

6. Drive over ‘B’

Cross base for flags

7. Cross base

White metal flag base

8. Small flat metal white

Flat metal flag base

9. Small flat metal black

Wall bracket for feather flag

10. Walltop rotating

Wall bracket for feather flag

11. 30° wall bracket

Wall bracket for flag

12. Parallel wall bracket

Flat metal base for portable flag systems

13. Large flat metal

White concrete base for feather flags

14. Concrete white

Concrete base for portable flags

15. Concrete black

Large water fillable base

16. Large fillable

feather flag pole extension kit

17. Pole extensions

wood base for feather flag

18. Log base

From forestry management

Flag Base Guide

If you need any help choosing the best base option for your flags, please let us know when you make the initial enquiry. Our guide below provides some useful information to help you make an informed decision.

  • A fillable base is the most versatile option, as they are light to carry without water in, weigh up to 20kg full (with water or water, sand mix), and can also be used indoors or outside. Please note: We do not recommend storing or transporting water-filled bases as they are not fitted with water seals and are prone to leak. They are absolutely fine, however, when used outside premises. We recommend emptying water-filled bases used at shows and events at the end when you are packing up.
  • A ground spike is another straightforward solution for outdoor events. Please note: You will need a rubber mallet to secure them in the ground.
  • Flat metal bases provide the sleekest and professional look, but they are relatively heavy.
  • Concrete bases provide a sturdy outdoor solution but will be difficult to move.
  • Cross bases are neat and tidy but often require a water-filled ring to keep flagpoles stable. Recommended for indoor use only.
  • Drive-over bases work wonderfully well for Car Clubs and Motor Vehicle events. Pay attention to bonnet or vehicle clearance height as pole extensions may be required to maximise impact of the flags.
  • Wall brackets can be used to display small to medium flags (up to 3.2m high) in a tidy and attractive way.