Buyers Guide for Fabric Displays

What is a fabric display?

Fabric displays are display stands used for promotion and advertising media, finished using a fabric display. Fabric Displays come in all forms of shapes and sizes, generally used indoors.

What do people use Fabric Displays for?

People or organisations use Fabric Displays to promote products, brands and services.

What types of fabric display stands exist?

Fabric displays come in all shapes and sizes and are measured in centimetres and metres. As fabric displays are used indoors they are commonly sized to fit within exhibition or show stands.

How do you design a display stand?

Use stunning images and keep text to a minimum to create maximum impact. Display stands are designed to attract people to your show stand.

How long do Fabric Display Stands last?

Fabric Displays are generally used indoors so they should last many years. It is important to store them in dry areas to ensure fabric is not compromised.

Where can I buy Fabric Displays?

More and more flag makers are offering fabric displays, including Sailflags who provide shapes and sizes for all needs.