lib fest feather flagsFeather flags can provide your organisation with an impressive display outside premises or events.

They are designed to create attention towards your brand and usps. These types of flags also provide a friendly and welcoming feeling, in turn, encouraging customers to take a closer look.

There is, in our view, no better way to dress up a premises or show stands than using feather flags. We offer a nice range of shapes and sizes, all within an affordable budget. You can view the full range here Sailflags Feather Flags

When it comes to buying them, it does help to work through what size/s will work best.

It is also good practice to consider what needs to be included in the design. Many organisations simply use their branding, some add a website, others add social media addresses.

All that matters really though is, do they look inviting? Will they bring an air of friendliness to your organisation?

Will they make customers feel good and confident about out your brand?

These type of portable flags also allow our customers to highlight premises tucked away from plain sight or signpost an event at local halls or community facilities.