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Caring for your Feather Flags

As you are probably aware, Feather Flags are a great way to attract attention outside business premises or stands at exhibitions and outdoor events.

Feather flags are very often made using light materials, designed for easy transport or easy installation. They therefore require handling with a little care and should be brought down and stored away safely, to avoid any damage that will affect durability.

Even if you are using flags outdoors to promote a business premises or event, it’s important to be aware of the following:

  1. Feather flags will generally work well in winds up to 35mph but anything more might place undue pressure on pole and flag sleeve.
  2. Feather flags should not be left out in all weathers, especially during the night. Flags should be stored away safely at the end of each day to prolong life.
  3. Feather flags should not be placed close to walls or any objects than can destroy poles and sleeves.
  4. Dirty flags can be washed at a low or eco temperature setting.
  5. If you see any early signs of wear and tear, flags can very often be repaired before replacement is required.
  6. If you are situated in a particularly windy location, you can request reinforcements be made to the flag and/or flagpole system.

By following the main points above, you should find your flags and pole systems last a considerable time before requiring repair or replacement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange repair or simply send the flags to our Workshops at 5 Nanturras Industrial Estate, Goldsithney, Cornwall, TR20 9HE. Our team can be contacted between the hours of 0815 – 1700 Monday to Friday by phone on 01736 710077.