Sailflags go CarbonZero

Our carbon footprint
Sailflags have teamed up with carbon management company co2balance to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that we produce every year. We have then taken action and have offset this figure to become a “CarbonZero” company.
Planting trees in Cornwall to become CarbonZero
To become CarbonZero we are working with co2balance to plant trees in their new woodland in Roche, Cornwall, called Tinners Forest. A mixture of trees will be planted, including Oak, Ash and Alder, which will absorb carbon as they grow.
With the growing threat of climate change we wanted to reduce the impact that Sail Flags has on the environment, and so have offset our carbon footprint in an ethical manner.
The woodland is owned and managed by co2balance to ensure that there is absolute control over its future. Once the woodland is completed and mature it will be turned into a community woodland owned by a charitable trust, so the local area can benefit from carbon offsetting as well as the environment.
co2balance ltd can enable you to offset your carbon dioxide emissions to help halt climate change and global warming. Live your life CarbonZero.  | +44 (0) 1823 430852


Tinners Forest in Cornwall, which will be turned into a community woodland when completed and matured