zoom fabric banner stands

The new fabric zoom display by Sailflags

Fabric Banners offer a good alternative to pvc based products.

Organisations have been using pvc based roller banners at events for many years now, but the material can easily scratch, reducing the product life. PVC banners don’t look that vibrant either, almost blending into their environment.

This completely misses the mark, as you need to dress up your space in the best possible way.

As we all come round to using products that are more environmentally responsible, fabric banner printing has emerged as the front running alternative.

Using fabric produces more vibrant colour too, making displays stand out. The fabric is more resilient to be pushed and pulled around too.

Another amazing factor regarding using fabrics is, many display units are re-useable; which means you can change advertising or promotional copy, without having to buy display units every time.

Fabric Displays are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes now, from traditional pullup, roller banners, to a wide range of metal based frames that fit any type of space you can imagine.

We encourage you to shop more for fabric displays now, as you and your customers won’t be disappointed with the results.