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fabric bunting printing
fabric bunting printing
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Custom Bunting Printing Service

We offer bunting in pvc or fabric, depending on your needs, for example, how long the bunting will be needed for.

Prices will vary slightly, according to how much you need.

We can therefore provide a per metre price for you.

Although most bunting is standard print, we can offer double sided printing too.

As with most of our products, everything is made in-house, so it’s useful for us to know how the bunting will be used to ensure we use the correct materials and finish them properly for you.

You can design your own pennant or we can help you. Either way, artwork proofs are provided free of charge before your order is completed.

There is no min. order requirement – custom pennants no minimum or maximum amount per metre (we can guide you on standard layout though)

Bunting Printing Service

Standard from £4.50 per metre | Double sided from £8.95 per metre

in stock

Bulk Savings available on this product

Bunting is available in the following finish:

  • Trimmed to size
  • Hemmed with header tape
  • Eyeletted

If you are unsure how the flag should be finished, talk to our team and they will help you decide what solution will work best.

Value for money, bunting available in pongee, flag knit polyester, fabric display or pvc.

• Can be secured in a manner of ways, but traditionally secured to ceilings or attached to walls

• Available in standard or double sided print

Bunting: We provide standard sizes or custom sizes*

We can also provide strengthening if required, in the form of further stitching. Please ask for details when ordering.

*Please note: Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided.

We can lay out basic designs with our free design service.

You can use the template below to either draft out a copy of what you would like OR design and submit the full artwork yourself.

• Bunting Design Template

Traditional Flag Reviews

What is bunting?

Bunting is triangular or pennant shaped decoration commonly used at events and parties. Bunting tends to be displayed close to walls and ceilings, often secured using pins or tacks.

Can you get bunting custom printed?

Yes. There is a number of bunting printers based in the UK. You can normally choose different materials too, including pvc, pongee (silky fabric) and cloth.

Where can I get a free blank pennant template?

Each designer or printer will have a template for you to work from. Some printers and designers offer a design service too (some come free and some make a small charge)

Where to buy custom vinyl pennant flags

Many printers can offer this service and there is a growing number of bunting makers who can offer the service too.

Bunting Printing Service (also referred to as pennants)

If you are struggling to find the exact product you need, we custom make any shape or size, so please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 01736 710077.

Everything is made to your design requirements and everything is proofed free of charge.

Do you still have any questions regarding bunting printing?

Why not drop us a line using this link to our contact enquiry form