Feather Flags for Business

Highlighting your business from a distance

As we come ever closer to the ‘new norm’ many business owners will be considering what they can do to ensure customers old and new are attracted back into the business over the coming months.

With local advertising costing a premium these days and with the economic climate as it is, feather flags offer a low cost alternative of attracting customers to your business premises. Pound for pound, using flags to shout you are ‘OPEN’ costs far less than running regular ad campaigns. Also consider that once you have the flag, it costs you nothing to put out each day and you can be certain most passers by will notice it moving in a light breeze or wind.

Here is a conservative cost comparison:

1 x Feather Flag of 3.2 metre standard size £75 (plus vat) based on a minimum product life of 6 months.

Cost per week: £2.89

1 x 3cm x 1cm advertisement in local newspaper £27 per insertion (plus vat)

Cost per week: £27

One of the most amazing things about feather flags is – they will get your business noticed! Over the past 20 years, the most common feedback we get from new customers is – people notice them and tell them they didn’t know their business existed! It is therefore important to understand that just because hundreds (even thousands) of people pass your business premises every day – it really doesn’t mean they know you are there.

Feather Flags move, even in a light breeze and when they are brightly coloured and clear to read, they look absolutely magnificent.

Flags will also compliment your safety and social distancing signage (including posters and safety signs) and keep everyone in a positive frame of mind.

Brightly coloured feather flags for business purposes ooze quality and you don’t need much more than ‘OPEN’ or ‘WELCOME’ on them to maximise impact.

If you are trying to think of cost effective and creative ways to attract customers back into your business, you can’t go far wrong with feather flags!

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