Tempus feather flagsA guide to planning events

Planning Events has never been easy and of course, with the global climate as it is, even well-seasoned events organisers are struggling to keep a clear head with everything that’s going on.

Some events are going ahead, for example, whilst others are being cancelled last minute.

We have noticed a change in customer attitudes, which has led to a few issues, namely around assembling products beforehand, like a dry run, for example, so they know how to assemble and disassemble any displays or flag systems.

As a reminder, it really is good practice to spend a little time assembling the items, especially if you have not used these types of products before.

A lot of portable display systems might only take you a minute or two to set up once you have practiced assembling them 2 or 3 times, so there is no reason not to do this, prior to your first event or show of the season. By doing this, you will be so much better prepared and you won’t lose any unnecessary time that’s better spent elsewhere on setting up day (or on the morning of the show, before the doors open to the general public)

We have also noticed customers not opening up their packages until they have arrived at the show or event venue.

It really does pay to make sure you have all the products you ordered, including any spare parts, before you turn up at the show, so you have everything you need to assemble and organise your display for maximum impact.

There really is nothing worse than assuming or thinking you have everything you need, only to have something missing, that could otherwise have been sorted or delivered in good time.