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Fabric or PVC Roller Banners and Pull Up Banner Printing Service

At Sailflags, service is our focus. From the moment you contact us you are welcomed by a friendly team with over 20 years experience making flags and banners in-house.

Our artwork studio compliment the process of designing and proofing your artwork before proceeding to print and manufacture. In other words, you can order risk-free before payment is processed.

Pull Up Banner standard size is 85cm wide by 2m high. We can adapt artwork to display differently at different heights too, giving you complete flexibility on how the pop up banners are used.

Fabric or PVC Roller Banner | Pull Up Banner

Standard £79 | Double sided from £179

in stock

Bulk Savings available on this product

We make and supply a wide range of roller and pull up banners for indoor and outdoor use.

Our most popular display is the 850 Ultra Tex Roller Banner using fabric display material and water based inks, providing a far more vibrant colour reproduction than old fashioned PVC based vinyl.

The Ultra Tx is also re-useable and fabric is straightforward to replace.

When compared to PVC the fabric display material generally won’t leave scuff marks, keeping the display looking professional for a prolonged amount of usage.

Roller Banner available in a number of heights and widths (tend to be 2m high)

• Choose between fabric and pvc finish

• Available in standard or double sided print

Due to a movement away from using plastic vinyl coated products, Sailflags took the decision last year to offer a fabric alternative pull up banner that utilised water based inks, rather than solvent based inks (which are not environmentally friendly)

We are very pleased with the reproduction quality of the fabric based roller banners and have been impressed by how much more vibrant the colour reproduction is.

The other big advantage with using display fabric is the cartridge is re-useable, so displays can be replaced when ad copy needs to be changed.

Banner: 2m Long x 86cm Wide *

Base: 90cm x 18cm • H 8cm • W 2kg

*Please note: Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided.

We can lay out basic designs with our free design service.

Artwork should be sized at 2m height and 86cm wide. There is no bleed or special cropping required on the artwork file.

Our design studio will proof the artwork for you, prior to completing the order.


Roller Banner and Pull Up Banner Printing

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01736 710077 especially if you are not sure what you need. Alternatively, drop us a line here