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Nothing quite says open like a flag does!

Nothing quite says open like a flag does! In times of adversity it pays to go back to the basics in terms of telling your customers it’s business as usual, whilst working around the clock to deliver everything promised and win trust. Using brightly coloured flags is a cost effective and simple way to attract positive attention in your business premises and promoting your customer satisfaction ratings is a must. If you run any type of business where hygiene standards are relevant, displaying those 5 out of 5 stars is going to make all the difference too. Nothing quite says open like a wonderful display of brightly coloured flags and they will make customers feel positive towards your business and/or brand. How to design the right flag Keep the layout simple and use single words to describe your business or just use open as the main focus. Use bright and vibrant colours that make you stand out and include any star ratings you have achieved (can be industry standards, Trustpilot Reviews, Trip Advisor Reviews, Hygiene Ratings) Caring for your flags Keeping flags clean, tidy and free from damage is relatively simple, especially if you bring them down each day and store on a flat surface.  

Why we value your customers too

Why we value your customers too At Sailflags, as well as looking after your needs, we also think about how your customers will view your flags and banners too. After all, we want you to look good in front of your customers and we want your customers to feel positive about them also. The basics we generally cover are: Will the design highlight your premises or show stand well? Are they easy to read? Do they look good? Will your customers find them helpful? Will your customers feel positive towards your organisation / business or brand? When we design or proof artwork, occasionally, we do pick up certain issues that may reduce the effectiveness of your display. When this is the case, we will feed this back to you in writing (or over the phone if necessary) In some cases we may adjust the artwork or provide you with an alternative design. Either way, you are under no obligation to accept our recommendations. Whether we have guided you to this page or not, please rest assured, Sailflags will always put you and your customers at the forefront of our thinking. We do however, respect that creative differences can sometimes occur. We are always on hand to speak to you about any concerns you have in respect of design, artwork submitted, so please do not hesitate to contact us.        

Sailflags achieve Plastic Free Status

Sailflags achieve Plastic Free Status Sailflags have recently achieved Plastic Free Approved Status through The Plastic Free Communities Scheme run by Surfers Against Sewage. The company have gone to great lengths to reduce single use plastics within the business by embracing a number of initiatives, including: Packaging products in cardboard, paper (new and salvaged) and recycled or salvaged plastic Using used or salvaged bubble wrap for delicate items Sealing packages for dispatch with paper packing tape Stopped printing on PVC and use a water-based printed fabric Instructed a key German supplier to stop wrapping in plastic bags, saving 4000 bags per year. Expanded and discounted plastic free products Launched a unique “ECOTEX” range of banners & flags, made from recycled materials Trialling a new wooden base for flags In addition: 8/10 of Sailflags staff cycle or walk to work Carbon Neutral for over ten years Most local deliveries are done using an electric vehicle   Peter Williams, Managing Director commented “We need to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment and we’ve got to start somewhere. It just seems like a completely natural thing to do. Why put more plastic into the environment? There are plenty of other options available. “It hasn’t been hard at all, in fact it’s been quite easy. Luckily we had already been very conscious of it and we’ve slowly been asking our suppliers to stop sending plastic. If they want to keep our custom they’ve got to do it, so we’ve got slightly the upper hand because we can dictate what we want as a business. “The only plastic we were generating was goods that came in from other suppliers and it’s down to us to put that pressure on. That pressure is passed to us from our customers, so it works its way back through the chain and eventually the manufacturers will start thinking about how they package things and how to start reducing plastic”

5 Top Tips for Retailers in 2019

As we edge ever closer to the end of the year, make sure you finish 2019 with a bang and prepare yourself for successful retail trading in 2020. Here is our list of top tips to help you on your way. Plan your activity in advance and speak to suppliers regarding bulk discounts, promotions and extended terms. Every retail business needs ‘hooks’ in terms of engaging with passers by and existing customers. You will be surprised how receptive customers are to special offers. Make sure you secure as much POS (point of sale) material as possible and be creative in setting up a display. Take a leaf out of larger retailers books’ and present the offers beautifully. Customers will find it very hard to resist a good offer, especially if it’s presented well. Invest in outside signage that helps ‘flag’ your business premises. Moving signage often works best. If you have a tight budget and you have never tried flags before, give them a try. There is many different types available and they often move without much breeze, attracting the eye. Don’t run out of stock! Keep a daily eye on your most popular items and keep a healthy back stock. Talk to your customers and gauge what items they are shopping for this season. Try and identify items they are finding difficult to buy. Gauge what level of quality they are looking for. Gift up popular items and make it easier for your customers to buy for friends and family. Sailflags have been producing flags, banners and displays for the retail sector for over 15 years.

Sailflags Beach Clean

Sailflags staff recently enjoyed a beach clean

Feather Flags vs Sailflags

What’s the difference? None. Both are advertising flags.

Sailflags Production Process

A Guide to Promotional Flags

A Guide to Promotional Flags Find out how promotional flags work and how to make the most from them. Key points Promotional flags are continuing to grow in popularity and are often referred to as sailflags, feather flags, teardrop flags and festival flags. Promotional flags can be portable (using parasol style bases, ground spikes or crossover bases) or fixed (using ground collars or concrete bollards) Flags can normally be custom made to any design. Shapes tend to be rectangular based, although variations using curves are available. Systems are designed to offer a natural looking (and moving) alternative to traditional fixed signage. Portable systems are light and easily transportable Material used for many flags is delicate by nature and needs to be properly cared for and stored when not in use. Flags will deteriorate quickly if left out 24/7 in all weather conditions Promotional flags are now being used by almost every type of business, charity and entity you can imagine. With portable flags offering flexibility for both indoor and outdoor events, it’s clear to understand why people feel confident to purchase them and many will have seen them in action and instantly get the appeal. Flags can have anything from simple words and single logos to extravagant designs utilising the full print surface of the flag material. Graphic Designers can often maximise the space whilst maintaining a brands identity. Materials used are generally light and need little breeze or movement around them to create a flutter or flapping effect.

Using Flags to Boost Christmas & New Year Sales

Using Flags to Boost Christmas & New Year Sales With retailers facing challenging times during Christmas and New Year trading, we investigate the potential in developing natural looking POS displays to attract extra footfall this year. If you have never considered using promotional flags to enhance the entrance to your storefront, now is a great time to try, with many flag printers offering attractive ‘off peak’ offers, including free design, delivery and voucher codes. Flag makers are traditionally busy from Springtime to early Autumn, with flags being commonly outdoors. Although flags need to be cared for during Autumn / Winter weather conditions, they can offer a very attractive and cost effective form of sign posting that looks appealing to the eye. Portable Promotional Flags are also not subject to local council restrictions on signage (although common sense needs to be employed regarding placement to avoid injuring pedestrians)