Attracting extra custom into any business is an artform, especially right now, where every customer agent feather flags

If you really want to stand out nowadays, one really needs to make some effort in ensuring the business premises looks as attractive as possible to passing trade.

There is a number of things one can do that will make a big difference, in turn, increasing footfall into any business.

Here is a top list of great ideas to give your business a boost this Christmas:

  1. Buy some brightly coloured portable flags (these are often referred to as sailflags or feather flags) and display them prominently next to the entrance or close by (if the premises is a little set away from the road, for example)
  2. Buy some bunting! Bunting can be custom printed with any business logo or message, or indeed a mix of both. Again, use a mixture of bright colours and give your business premises a really colourful and attractive look.
  3. Balloons. Yes, balloons are a simple way of making your business look very attractive to passing customers.
  4. Lights can also provide much needed colour during Autumn Winter months. The cheapest option is obviously lights used on Christmas Trees, but you can buy so many different types these days and you won’t necessarily want to take them down in the New Year.
  5. Posters can provide a good boost to your business, if they are prominent, colourful and to the point.

There will be many business people reading this in disbelief any of the ideas above will work, but, rest assured, these methods have been used for decades overseas (as well as the UK, in small part) to attract customers.

These methods aren’t used very often in the UK by established businesses.

feather flags from £49

Business people tend to associate these ideas with new business openings, but these work for any type of business.

There is a tendency in business to forget the basics and too soon a business premises looks tired and not very attractive.

feather flagsee teardrop flag