keep blackpool tidy flagUsing flags for public messages and promotions

If you want public messages or local promotions to grab attention, why not consider flags?

Flags come in many shapes and sizes these days and the great thing is they look very natural waving in a breeze or wind. People notice them far more than a static sign too.

Members of the general public will find them attractive, so you move away from bulk standard signage that can be invasive or even an eye sore to the natural surroundings.

Moving media like traditional flags or feather flags bring home important public messages in a non-invasive way.

A number of local councils we have worked with offer sponsored flags for local businesses to display (the important message) alongside their own branding or advertising. It’s a win-win for both parties and works in a very positive way.

The Keep Blackpool Tidy Campaign has been using Sailflags for a number of years now and the scheme is a great success.

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