scouts feather flags and sail flagsWhat are feather flags?

Feather Flags are free standing, portable flag systems, designed to attract attention outside a business premises or show stand, for example.

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Many businesses and charities use these types of promotional flags to dress up premises or show stands.

The sole intention of getting better noticed by passers by, is the main goal.

Lots of shapes and sizes for all

View different shapes and sizes here feather flags

Advertising and Promotion

These types of flags are normally used for advertising and promotional purposes, allowing brands to print their logo onto a product that looks cheerful and moves naturally in the slightest of breezes.

Some people use them to highlight their business premises is open, especially if they are set back from a main road, or a little away from the main area of the town, for example.

Get noticed

It can be very difficult for business owners to get noticed these days.

A business often blends into surroundings, making it almost impossible to get noticed by passing traffic.

We often hear from our own customers that they really didn’t realise how bad the issue really was.

It is not unusual to hear that new, local customers have walked into a premises with a ‘we didn’t know you were here’.

Avoid at all costs

This is a very common issue, which many wish to avoid at all costs.