mustang owners club feather flagWhen it comes to Flags, Plan, Plan, Plan!

At Sailflags, we have observed over the past few years, a small number of flag makers giving the general public mixed messages about offering a next day delivery service on printed flags.

Ordering your flags today and getting them tomorrow relies on a number of factors, including having your artwork designed, proofed and ready for print.

A flag design can take anything from 30 minutes to a number of days to sign off, depending on your copy requirements.

Another factor is, a flag is not printed in the same way as you would print off a page from your printer at home, in other words, a flag maker or flag printer doesn’t simply press a button and out comes a flag.

Producing a flag and getting it delivered to your door takes some work and at Sailflags, we have always focussed on making this process easy to follow.

Akin to a graceful swan gliding across a lake, we are paddling hard under the surface to get our customers great flags, just when they need them, but if one small thing is delayed, like signing off your artwork copy, for example, that can put a real spanner in the works (metaphorically speaking of course)

This is why we always encourage anyone wanting to use or currently using flags for events or date sensitive business promotions to plan everything in advance, especially artwork.

Have your artwork ready a week in advance at the very least and you can call Sailflags knowing, they are poised and ready to take your order and will very likely meet even the tightest of deadlines.

Some in the world of marketing and promotion do leave things like window dressing show stands and event driven business activities to the last minute.

As promotional flag and banner makers, we would encourage forethought and planning, every time.

If a flag maker knows exactly what you need, what quantities you need and they have all artwork ready for print, it relieves a great deal of pressure on you and them.

One last BIG factor to bear in mind is, promotional flag printing goes absolutely crazy from Easter through to October and whether advertised or not, getting more than a couple of bulk standard flags on a next day service is nigh on impossible.

Get the planning down well in advance though and it will pay you massive dividends when it comes to ordering your printed flags and banners just when you need them.