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Value Teardrop (1.7m)
Complete with pole and base from £49
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Standard Teardrop Flag (2.7m)
Complete with pole and base from £75
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Long Teardrop (3.6m)
Complete from £99
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Teardrop Flags

Sailflags make custom tear drop flags and teardrop banners for people, business owners and all types of organisations across the UK, Europe and USA. We also offer Teardrop Flags Wholesale.

It is fair to say that we don’t set out to make teardrop flags cheap, but making custom teardrop banners is a key part of our business and we have become very good at it over the past 15 years. This allows us to use quality materials whilst keeping prices lows.

Customer Service

Our friendly and attentive approach to custom teardrop flag making sets us apart from the norm and ensures our customers receive a fuss free and reliable service.

If you are looking for a teardrop flag sign or feather banner (any style) you are definitely in the right place!

Order with complete peace of mind and receive free help with design and proofing before we complete order or invoicing and payments. We can help with custom logos and any vector graphics required to make your flags and banners fast.

A video showing how to assemble teardrop signs outdoor. It’s so easy!


A brief video showing how we go about making teardrop banner flags in-house.


Why use a Teardrop Shape?

Teardrops are extremely popular with sports and activity brands (indoor or outdoor) and provide a very modern shaped promotional flag.

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Why use Sailflags?

90% of what we make are feather flags

Your Teardrop Feather Flags are important to us and we are very keen on helping you achieve the best results. Getting the right level of impact and making them stand out in a crowd is what makes teardrop banners cheap at attracting the right attention and making your customers feel very positive about your brand and your marketing messages.

Great Value

Our Teardrop Flags represent the best value for money on the market and we offer both standard print and double sided printed Teardrops in small, medium and large sizes, helping you create the impact in the right venue and space.

We are always on hand to talk you through how and where the systems will be used to ensure they are fit for the desired purpose.

Free Design and Proofing Service

We provide a free design and artwork proofing service to ensure your teardrop flags will look just right. There is nothing worse than having a design or layout go unchecked until the day it’s delivered to you and you are left with problems you have little time to resolve.

This is why Sailflags have always provided our customers with a free design and artwork proofing service, so you see the design before we go to work.

As a full time flag maker in the UK, we ensure your flags will be fit for the purpose required.

Quick Turnaround

All flags are made in-house, so we can offer a quick turnaround as required. This is another BIG focus for our business – making sure you receive the products when you need them, giving you complete peace of mind you will receive everything in good time for that special show or event.

Great Value and Service

We have perfected the art of making good quality flags with value for money in mind. We have spent over 15 years making portable feather flags for less to provide great impact and product life whether being used indoors or outdoors.

The quality materials we use come as standard and are built to last (read our care page here)

By working direct with a teardrop flag maker, you keep control of costs and delivery date. All our systems are made in-house so we can tell you immediately when your items will be dispatched. We do not ever make promises we cannot fulfil.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

We always work with you to ensure the flags are delivered in good time. Urgent orders can be produced under our Express or Priority Service, within an agreed delivery window of 1-3 days. Please ask for details.

Standard, non-urgent orders are generally sent within 7 working days.

We make all Teardrop Flags in-house, so we are able to ensure urgent orders are made without delay (once order has been completed with our sales team)

Delivery Services available are:

Standard Delivery (5-7 working days)
Express Delivery (2-3 working days)
Priority Service (1-2 days)

We will always confirm delivery times for you at time of confirming a quotation in writing. This can vary season to season (with spring – summer being our busiest time)

Please always let us know at your earliest convenience a date you need your products by and we can request this for you once the order is confirmed and completed.

Yes. We offer a free design and artwork proofing service to ensure the flags will look just right. Your order is only completed once artwork is approved by you.

This is one of the key things you will find using Sailflags – we care about the look and layout of your flags. We know how important getting the design just right is – it can make a massive difference in creating the right impression and attracting positive response.

Free Design Service – This includes everything from taking a quick brief or description on what you would like to include on the layout and design. You can include as much or as little as you wish, but generally speaking, less is more in this type of product.

Logos, photos, illustrations and text can be used to create the right impact and attract the right people to your marketing message.

Artwork proofs are provided to ensure you get a real feel for how they will look, before we proceed to hand making the products for you. If you are not happy, we are on hand to revise the proofs as many times as required to ensure your complete satisfaction. We want you to be happy with the design!

Artwork Proofing Service – On the other hand, you may have already put a design together and our in-house artwork studio will check everything to ensure your work will look great within the space and guides provided, checking key content is not obstructed by pole sleeves or stitching boundaries. This service is also free and provided to customers and design/media  agencies alike.

Yes. Our prices include either a fillable base or ground spike. We also offer a range of metal and concrete bases as well (additional costs apply) Please ask for details when making an enquiry.

You can view our range of bases and fixings by clicking this link Bases

We also make a range of feather flags and poles which you can view here

We are always happy to confirm all costs to you in a quotation – this saves you a lot of time shopping online trying to find the best prices, which can often be deceiving as they don’t always include the costs including poles, bases and delivery. Request a free quote here

Standard print – Single piece of flag material with a show through of design on the back. Words and graphics read / display correctly on front and reverse reading or mirrored on the back.

Many customers use standard printed Teardrop Flags. If you have a simple logo or just want to include a single word in the design – standard print works really well.

Double sided print – 2 flags sewn back to back (with an inner liner to reduce show through) All writing and graphics read or display correctly on both sides.

Double sided Teardrop Flags are recommended if you have an intricate logo or text heavy design that really looks better when people can read them correctly from both sides.

As a custom feather flags maker, we will guide you on what will work best for you. We see no reason why you should spend more money on double sided flags, if you don’t need to.

This is a subject we will talk to you about during the quote and design process.

Our systems are designed to withstand winds up to 35mph.

Portable Flagpole systems are designed to be brought in daily and we advise against using them 24/7 or in excessive wind and rain.

Flags are designed to last between 1-2 years on medium usage (daily use outside)

There are however, a few factors that will either extend the life of the flag or reduce it.

Here is a common list of factors:

• Portable Flag systems are light and should be brought in each day. Doing this will help extend the life of the whole system, including the flag
• If your part of the world is subject to heavy weather conditions (wind, rain, very sunny areas) these factors can all add extra stress to flags and the portable systems. Please let us know when making an enquiry and we can discuss ways to work around this for you.
• Leaving flags out at night is very bad for the fabric used (this is true of any flag material)
• Using flags as signage 24/7 is not a sound solution. If you need permanent signage, we can discuss alternatives with you.
• Looking for signs of wear and tear early, will ensure your flags can be repaired, rather than replaced
• Keeping portable flags away from walls and other objects will ensure they keep from harms way

We generally use good quality polyester knit material, but other materials are available according to how flags will be used. Our standard material is a good quality weight, designed for indoor or outdoor use.

What is a Teardrop Banner?

A Teardrop Banner is a tear shaped flag made to create interest in a brand, product or service. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors and often used outside shops, offices or event stands.

How do you assemble a Teardrop Flag?

First, put the pole sections together. Add the flag and secure using the tab sewn on the flag. Place flagpole onto base, ground spike or wall mount.

How much do Teardrop Flags cost?

Flag only prices £29 - £99 | Complete Flag systems from £49 - £179 including flag, pole and base

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