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Double Sided Flags vs Standard Print

united kingdom flagTraditional style flags flown from a permanent pole are generally designed to look the same from the front and back. These types of flags are absolutely fine printed onto a single piece of flag material.

Promotional flags however, tend to display marketing messages on them, so any writing on the front can almost be ineligible on the back.

There is only one real solution currently and that is printing 2 flags and sewing them back to back, so both sides are easily readable. An inner liner or blockout material can be used to reduce show through and this is becoming increasingly popular.

The only limitation to bear in mind with double sided flags is bright white flags will appear light grey in certain light or bright sunshine.

Our Most Popular Double Sided Flags

sailflags feather flags (scouts)
banner flags
teardrop flags
traditional flags
double sided teardrop flags

As the images show, standard print displays words differently on the back.

This won’t be an issue, if you are using shorts words, like SALE or OPEN, for example. This is due to the fact that most people can read small words forwards and backwards (or in reverse)

Double sided flags display text correct reading both sides. The two double sided images show the choice between running the same copy both sides or running different copy each side, for example.

Please do not hesitate to speak with us about how you wish to present the design if you need double sided flags.

One of our most popular styles right now, is double sided feather flags for advertising and promotional purposes.

They are very keenly priced, that is to say, we compare very favourably to other flag makers in the UK.

Double Sided Printing Product Reviews

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What are double sided feather flags?

Feather flags or promotional flags made using 2 pieces of flag material, with an inner liner to reduce show through. Ideal for extensive ad copy or design, for example.

How much do double sided feather flags cost?

Prices start from £79 for a double sided feather flag. Discounts are generally available if you need more than 6 units.

Why use double sided feather flags?

In conclusion, if you need a lot of text on a flag, it is recommended to use double sided flags.

Can you have different copy for each side?

Yes, you can have either the same design both sides or a different design for each size, an example being using contrasting colours on each side