What Makes us Earth Friendly?

From 2022 we are making all flags and banners using 100% recycled material.

Read on to find out what else we are doing to make a positive impact on our environment.

recycled polyester

Flags & Banners using 100% recycled fabric

Fabric is made from recycled post-consumer PET, with up to 60% recovered from oceans and beach cleans, in partnership with SEAQUAL® Initiative for cleaning the Oceans of marine litter.

Flag and banner fabrics are REACH compliant and certified according to Ökotex Class I (Baby) or Class II (skin contact)

Recycled yarn used is certified according to GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (GRS) – Version 4.0:2017.

Fabric supplier is certified according to EN16247-1 / ISO 50002 / ISO 9001 and last year made CO2 savings of 2,282 tonnes.

carbon zero company

We are Carbon Zero

Sailflags offset their carbon emissions each year, through the CO2 Balance offsetting scheme. Sailflags were one of the first flag makers in the UK to attain carbon zero status.

To achieve this, trees are grown in woodland owned and managed by co2balance to ensure that there is absolute control over its future. Once the woodland is completed and mature it will be turned into a community woodland owned by a charitable trust, so the local area can benefit from carbon offsetting as well as the environment.

tree planting at sailflags

Tree Planting

We plant trees in a small woodland located next to our premises.

The woodland is a haven for wildlife and we have cleared an old chicken farm where trees are planted to ensure the area is nurtured for the benefit of future generations.

An acre of trees produces enough oxygen every year to support the needs of 18 people.

An acre of mature trees absorbs the same volume of carbon monoxide in a year as produced from a 26,000-mile car journey. To give some perspective, a drive around Earth is just over 24,901 miles!

Source: Pebble Magazine / Georgina Wilson-Powell / Wed 5 Jun 2019

We are proud partners of plantonecornwall.com– Click for details.

rewilded meadow and pond

Rewilding our Countryside

A section of woodland is currently being rewilded with a pond and planting of various species of native trees, shrub plants, and species-rich grassland. The project will enhance wildlife corridors and provide food and shelter for a wide range of species.

Rewilding is all about restoring ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself and thrive.

Interested in rewilding?

Many councils support rewilding schemes and there is a lot of information on rewildingbritain.org.uk

eco packaging

Recycled, Reused, and Repurposed Packaging

Plastic pollution and single-use materials are a massive problem for our planet and Sailflags work to reduce, reuse and recycle all materials used, including by-products.

From wrapping flags and poles in repurposed paper, to wrapping bases in cardboard, we do everything possible to reuse where practical.

Recycled packaging and tapes are also used.

1% to charity

1% Turnover to Charity

From 2022, Sailflags will be donating 1% of our turnover to charity.

Sailflags will substantially increase it’s financial giving this year, supporting a variety of causes across different organisations.

Peter Williams, Owner of Sailflags, said:

“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to our company. We have this year committed one percent of our turnover to be spent on charitable activities, connecting staff in our business to the communities in which they work.
“All  organisations we support this year have been chosen by our staff too. Our employees expect us to be more than just a workplace, but also reach out into the communities in which they operate through financial support”.

childrens hospice southwest

Charities supported in 2021

Sailflags were proud to make donations to Child Hospice South West and Marazion Cancer Research.

Both charities provide vital support throughout Cornwall and we thank them for their amazing work, which makes a real difference to the people in our community.

sailflags beach clean

Beach Cleans

Sailflags involve staff with beach cleans, making for a good team-building session that has a positive impact on the environment.

The beach cleans generally last a few hours and there is always a promise of a hearty brunch at the end of it!

We recognise the importance of keeping our local environment clean from plastic waste and enjoy being a part of such a worthwhile project, supported by Plastic Free Penzance.

For those competitive-natured companies out there, who reside close to the sea, fun can be had by adding a competitive theme to proceedings!

Prizes can be awarded to teams who collect the most plastic waste, for example, or for the individual who finds the oddest item!

There is no end to how creative you can get and it’s all good fun.

Sailflags is also a member and supporter of Plastic Free Penzance.

solar pv

Solar PV

Sailflags are moving over to Solar PV in 2022.

It is our ambition to power 80% of the business, using solar panels.

By utilising renewable technology, we can make a significant impact on improving our relationship with the local environment.

Supporting Local Wildlife

Sailflags are members of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, whose work involves both wildlife and environmental projects over land and sea.

Their work is vital for improving our relationship with nature and the environment.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has 58 nature reserves providing space for nature to store carbon and plan to expand the area of land they own and explore rewilding opportunities. The more they improve the condition of habitat on land and at sea, the greater the potential for carbon storage in those habitats.

Nature reserves are also important wildlife corridors, linking habitats and providing safe havens of diverse habitats for wildlife to recover from the impacts of climate change.


Post Production Waste Repurposing

At Sailflags, we regularly advertise items on Facebook, that can be reused or repurposed by schools, organisations, and local businesses.

These are items that have been used through our print and production processes; by-products that we cannot reuse or repurpose ourselves.

Repurposing a wide array of products being used throughout our local community results in a reduction of recycling and waste.

Please get in touch if you are interested in utilising any of the by-products produced from our flag and banner printing operations.

We will be delighted to hear from you.