Free Flag Design Service from Sailflags

We offer a free design and artwork proofing service to ensure that:

• artwork fits within designated print surface and works around sleeves and stitching (where applicable)
• images and logos are in high definition (high res vector graphics) and will look good when printed on large flags and banners


Useful Tips:

Layout – We always find drawings useful and they don’t need to be a work of art to help us understand how you wish the design to be laid out. Simply draw a layout over one of our templates or on a blank piece of paper. This is beyond any doubt the easiest and most effective way to show us how you want images, logos and text laid out out.

Graphics & Logos – If you wish to use any form of graphics (logos, pictures etc) we always need high definition (high res) vector quality. Images taken on a modern digital camera or smartphone are suitable, if we have the raw camera files. If you do not have a high definition version of your logo available, we do offer a redraw service from £15.

High Definition or High Res files – The best high res files tend to be .ai / .eps / .pdf although .jpg files over 4MB can also be used.

Fonts – If you want to use a specific font, please either provide the font file or point us to the font and download file online via websites like


You may also want to consult our page on stacking letters vertically.

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