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Why use Sailflags? Sailflags offer good quality custom flag printing and custom banner printing with an eye on value and service. All flags are made in house to your design layout and we provide you with full support all the way from enquiry to dispatch and delivery.

Our free design and proofing service saves you both time and money, especially if you do not have access to a designer.

We also provide a free artwork proofing service for all designers, to ensure even the most ambitious of designs work well within product stitch lines and sleeves (where applicable)

Order with complete peace of mind that artwork proofs are approved before any payment is taken.

In terms of delivery, please let us know if you have a preferred date or deadline for delivery.

Our Express or Priority Service will dispatch within 1-3 days. For less urgent orders, our standard service is approximately 7 working days.

About Promotional Flags and Advertising Flags

An advertising or promotional flag is designed to attract interest in a marketing message or brand logo.

During the last 20 years these types of flags have become very popular in the UK, mainly due to the fact they offer maximum impact at relatively low cost. They are also very versatile in the way they can be displayed effectively indoors or outdoors.

Another major feature of promotional flags are how they attract the eye and move naturally in a light breeze or wind.


Top Tips for buying flags

– Get a full quote for your flags, including any poles, bases and accessories you need. Find out how much delivery is and get a commitment on delivery date (if your flags are urgent) Most prices online are displayed without vat, so factor this in as well.

– Consider how and where the flags are going to be used. Is there enough space and will  they move and rotate without hitting static objects or passers by?

– Ask yourself whether there is time to bring the flags down each night. Flags are not designed to be left out in all weather conditions 24 hours a day. Flags are not a permanent signage solution.

– Consider whether you need standard or double sided flags. Standard flags will display words correctly on the front but on the back they will read in reverse. Some words are easy to read in reverse, some are not.

Double sided flags read correctly both sides, so if you have an important message to advertise, double sided is often the best option (these are more expensive but are becoming more and more popular)

If you are just looking for something to attract the eye, keep your design simple and standard print will serve you well (and you’ll save money too)

– If you are new to flags, trial one or two first before committing to larger orders. Flags can be a very cost effective way of increasing footfall to a premises or stand at a show or exhibition, but they are not for everyone.

– Create a shortlist of companies you are interested in dealing with and contact them in person. Gauge whether you are likely to work well together, both now and in the future.

sail flag or feather flag
Sail flag or Feather Flag

Promotional flags and popular shapes 

The most popular shape by far in the UK, is the Sailflag (pronounced sail flag and sometimes referred to as a feather flag, beach flag or zoom flag)

The sailflag is banner shaped, with a curved top. This style of flag tends to be installed onto a light and portable free standing pole system. The pole itself can be inserted into bases, ground spikes and wall brackets.

Feather flags can also be rectangular or banner shaped without any curves.

Banner shaped flags can be fitted to permanent, semi permanent and portable flagpole systems. They also work well with ground spikes and wall brackets.

Teardrop flags are ‘tear’ shaped and are generally used by activity and sports based entities.

The flag is fixed to a portable flagpole and holds under tension. The flagpole is designed to rotate within a base or ground spike. Teardrops can also be wall mounted.

morley college feather banner flag
Feather Flag or Flag Banner

What is the difference between each flag?

Sailflags and Feather Flags will generally move naturally in a breeze or wind. Teardrop flags are static (although poles will rotate if secured within a rotational arm system)

Each flag shape provides a different size canvas for a variety of design needs.

What is the best shape to use?

Whilst there is no right or wrong shape to use, some logos and/or graphic illustrations often favour one design over another.

It’s always worthwhile discussing these with your graphic designer and printer during the pre-production process.

It is also worth considering whether you require the flag material to move or whether a static point of sale is sufficient for your needs.

Why are promotional and advertising flags so popular?

Promotional flags offer cost effective signage in full colour digital print. Sail flags and Feather Flags also offer natural movement, attracting the eye and creating a moving point of interest.

More information about Sailflags, Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags

Enhanced Signage – Promotional Flags have been used for many decades now to either enhance other forms of traditional signage or replace old signage completely.

Cost Effective – Flags offer a cost effective medium for attracting attention to a business premises, advertising special offers or promoting a sale.

Light – Light material is generally used to produce these types of flags, so they need just a little breeze to come to life. Flagpoles and fillable bases keep system light and easy to carry.

Natural Movement – Feather Flags and Sail Flags provide a natural movement that engages with customers – providing an attractive moving advertising medium that is non-invasive, alluring and effective at increasing footfall to a business premises, retail shop or show stand.

Modern – Teardrop Flags provide a modern curved and angled static point of sale.

Popular questions relating to advertising and promotional flags

Why should I use custom Feather Flags?
Full digital colour / eye catching display / portable / cost effective / re-useable

What materials are your Promotional Flags made of?
The flags are made from hardwearing flag knit polyester. We also supply a lighter polyester fabric more suited to indoor use. Please ask for details.

What is the lifespan of your Feather Flags and Sailflags?

If flags are used indoors and stored away safely, they will last many many years (10 years is not unheard of)

Where flags are used outdoors, they will be exposed to seasonal weather conditions, so it’s worth bearing in mind that product life will be dependent on how exposed your premises or event showground is to the elements.

Another key factor to consider with portable flags is whether you will be able to bring them in each day. Flags brought in and stored safely will last much longer than flags left out in all weather conditions, 24/7.

If you bring in your flags and flagpoles daily, we would expect at least 12 months use, although many customers feedback that 2-3 years use is not uncommon. 

Please note: Flags left exposed to the elements 24 hours a day would have a more limited lifespan, generally up to 6 months.