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Great service – flag arrived in good time and looks fab!

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Very helpful in the design and ordering process.

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Mathew Heeks

Thank you to Mark for all the help with the flags . . .

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The Coffee & Crepe Box

Amazing help and advice from these guys!

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Custom Flag Printing and Printed Banners by Sailflags UK

Advertising Flags, Promotional flags made for you by friendly, helpful people. Click here for full range of feather flags Feather Flags

Do you need help choosing the right shape and design?

No problem! We can provide you with any support.

Why use us when there are a few flag makers to choose from?

Sailflags provide you with a full quote quickly, along with flag printing advice and support required. In conclusion, you don’t need to run around getting everything organised, as we can take care of most of the work for you.

All advertising sail flags are made in-house, so we can manage everything from sizing, designing, manufacturing and delivery (you are not reliant on third party suppliers)

You can view our best cheapest range of advertising flags cheap feather flags by clicking the link.

flag printing, secure ordering serviceOrder with confidence
Everything is taken care of for you, including pricing up the products you need, organising design and artwork proofs, plus scheduling delivery.

You won’t need to pay for your flag printing order until you are satisfied with the artwork proofs. In addition, payment can be made by Card over the phone, BACS (bank transfers) or Cheque.

Free Flag Design Service
Sailflags run a free design and artwork proofing service to ensure everything will look just right and after you have confirmed acceptance, we can complete any paperwork or invoicing.

If you don’t have a designer, then our in-house design team can help you get the colours and layout just right. On the other hand, if you do have a graphic designer, we can proof their designs free of charge too.

Flexible Delivery Options with Quick Turnaround

You can choose the delivery date.

Standard Service – 5-7 day delivery from order completion date
Express Service – 2-3 day delivery from order completion
Priority Queue – 1-2 day service from order completion
Next Day Delivery Service – Please ask for details

Standard or Double Sided Flag Printing?

Some printed advertising flags work well on a single piece of material – others work best printed on both sides using 2 pieces of material and an inner liner. We will always be happy to guide you on the best solution, according to your needs.

Standard flag printing has been the norm for many centuries on flags, but with the growing popularity of promotional flags, double sided prints are increasing in demand, especially where extended ad copy is required.

How to buy | Click the link and Get a flag quote 

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We are Earth Friendly

Please see our green credentials on this page. We are proud partners of plantonecornwall.com– Click for details.

About Promotional Flags and Advertising Flags

Flag PrintingFor over 20 years now, using printed flags with advertising and promotional messages has become very popular throughout the UK.

Here are a few key points:

• People from all walks of life use them.

• You can use them for any type of business, organisation, or charity.

• They are popular because they create positive attention to your brand or product offering and can even increase footfall through your door or bring more people to your stand, at events, for example. 

• They also move in a breeze or wind, attracting the eye to a point of interest.

• Promotional Flags are light and portable and you can use them almost anywhere.

• Advertisement Flags are highly cost-effective.

• You can use any colour or graphics you want.

• People love them because they look great and create a buzz.

Top Flag Printing Buying Tips

Use our guide and buy your printed flags with ease.

1. Get a detailed quote:

  • Avoid wasting time shopping for best prices.
  • Simply detail what you need in short message on a word doc or similar.
  • Search out a few sail flags makers online.
  • Go to their contact page and paste in your requirements on the comments section.
  • Submit the forms and await quotes.

In conclusion, by requesting quotes in this way, you save hours shopping online for best prices and similarly, you get to see who is keen to do business with you.

Get a free quote from Sailflags by clicking the link – get a flag printing quote

2. Always check quotes properly

Look out for whether local tax or VAT is included in the price. This is an advertising product, so tax or vat will be payable in most (if not all) regions in the UK, Europe and USA.

It is always recommended to also have a written commitment on the delivery date you need.

3. Think about how and where they are going to be used: 

  • Measure the space to make sure flags and banners will display correctly.
  • Promotional flags will need to rotate, so check these can move without hitting static objects.
  • Do not block important areas like exits or pavements with portable flags.

Please also ask yourself whether there is time to bring the flags down each night, because portable flags are not designed to be left out in all weather conditions 24 hours a day (they are not a permanent signage solution)

4. Consider whether you need standard flag printing cheap or double-sided flag printing.

Standard flag printing will display words correctly on the front but on the back they will read in reverse, which can result in confusion for customers.

Some words are easy to read in reverse, but some are not.

Choosing between the two can be a little tricky to get your head around.

The general rule of thumb is – most short, single words are easy to read in reverse on a flag and this is because the brain can convert them quickly.

Extended advertising copy won’t be easy to read both sides though, unless you have a double sided printed flag.

Double sided flags read correctly both sides, which means longer ad copy can be read more easily front or back.

We can often advise you what type of printed flag will work best, once we know a little more about the design, in terms of images and text you wish to use.

If you are new to printed flags and banners, trial one or two first before committing to larger orders.

Promotional Flags can be a very cost effective way of increasing footfall to a premises or stand at a show or exhibition, but they are not for everyone.

5. Create a shortlist of companies you are interested in dealing with and contact them in person.

Gauge whether you are likely to work well together, both now and in the future. In conclusion, it is worth following this guide so you are clear on the cost of your order, suitability of product and expected delivery date.

Popular Flag Printing shapes 

Traditional Flag Printing

Traditional Flags tend to be rectangular in shape, especially town, county or country flags.

Some people however, design their own flags and use more of a square design and this is ok for example, at parties or special events.

Advertising and Promotional Flag Printing

When it comes to advertising and promotional flags, the most popular shape by far in the UK, is the Feather Flag or Sail Flag (also referred to as feather banners, beach flag or zoom flag)

Feather Flag Printing

This is simply a banner shaped flag with a curved top. The bottom edge can be straight, convex or scooped. View most common shapes by clicking the link flag shapes

Portable Flagpoles Bases, Ground Spikes and Wall Brackets

Flags used for advertising and promotion tend to be assembled onto a light and portable free standing pole system. The pole itself can be used with fillable bases, ground spikes and wall brackets.

The main reason for using light, portable systems with flagpole and base allows them to be used at events and shows.

Using Flags in Retail

Also, many retailers place them outside their premises during the day, to help attract more custom into their business (often referred to as increasing footfall)

Being portable and light therefore, makes it really easy for staff to bring them in each day.

Please note:

Advertising Flags can also be rectangular or banner shaped without any curves.

Banner shaped flags can be fitted to permanent, semi permanent and portable flagpole systems too. They also work well with ground spikes and wall brackets.

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are ‘tear’ shaped and are generally used by activity and sports based brands and business entities. You can view by clicking this link teardrop flags 

The flag is fixed to a portable flagpole and holds under tension. The feather flags flagpole is designed to rotate within a base or ground spike. Teardrops can also be wall mounted.

What is the difference between each shape?

Sailflags and Feather Flags will generally move naturally in a breeze or wind. Teardrop flag material doesn’t flutter as such (although poles will rotate if secured within a rotational arm system)

Each shape provides a different size canvas for a wide range of design needs.

What is the best shape to use?

Whilst there is no right or wrong shape to use, some logos and/or graphic designs favour one design over another.

It’s always worthwhile discussing these with your graphic designer and printer during the pre-production process.

It is also worth thinking about whether you require the material to move or whether a static point of sale is better for your needs.

Why are promotional and advertising portable systems so popular?

These displays offer cost effective signage in full colour digital print. Sail flags and Feather Flags also offer natural movement, attracting the eye and creating a moving point of interest.

More info about Sailflags

Enhanced Signage – Promotional Flags have been used for many years now to either enhance other forms of traditional signage or replace old signs completely.

Cost-Effective Flag Printing – Offering a low-level entry display medium for attracting attention to business premises, advertising special offers, or promoting a sale.

Light – Light material is generally used to produce our flag printing products, so they need just a little breeze to come to life. Flagpoles and fillable bases keep the system light and easy to carry too.

Natural Movement – Feather Flags and Sail Flags provide a natural movement that engages with customers – providing an attractive moving advertising medium that is kind on the eye, alluring and effective at increasing footfall to a business premises, retail shop or show stand.

Modern – Teardrop Flags provide a modern curved and angled static point of sale.

Popular questions relating to advertising flags and flag printing

Why should people use advertising and promotional flags?

If you need to create attention at an event or outside premises, you should consider using these types of flags, because they will get you noticed.

This results in eye catching, portable and cost effective advertising displays.

In other words, they are a great way of highlighting your business premises at little cost.

Why are they so popular?

There are many reasons why.

Let’s consider the most common reasons people buy feather flags:

Eye catching and move in a breeze.

For instance, customers will notice them moving and will be interested in your business premises.

Relatively cheap to buy, compared to most other forms of signage.

For example, a small flag costs as little as £49 as opposed to static signage that can run into hundreds of pounds.

Light and portable.
For instance,  they can be moved and secured very easily.

Flags waving in a breeze set a calm tone, relax people, resulting in positive feedback from customers.

Advertising flags look vibrant and promote positive vibes.

What materials are they made of?

We use hard wearing flag material and water based inks as part of a dye sublimation printing process.

This produces the best results.

Sailflags also supply a lighter pongee fabric more suited to indoor use.

Please ask for details if you need any help choosing the right material, as this will enable us to provide you with the very best prices.

How long do they last?

If flags are used indoors and stored away safely, they will last many many years (10 years is not unheard of)

Where flags are used outdoors, they will be exposed to different weather conditions, so it’s worth bearing in mind that product life will be dependent on how exposed your premises or event showground is to wind and rain.

Another key factor to consider with portable advertising flags is whether you will be able to bring them in each day. Flags brought in and stored safely will last much longer than flags left out in all weather conditions, 24/7.

If you bring in your sail flags and flagpoles daily, we would expect at least 12 months use, although many customers feedback that 2-3 years use is not uncommon.

Please note: Feather Flags left exposed to the elements 24 hours a day would have a more limited lifespan, generally up to 6 months.

Your Flag Printing Questions Answered

Sailflags answer popular questions relating to sail flags and feather banners

How much do feather flags cost?

A complete unit with flag, pole and base option, will cost between £69 - £269 at Sailflags, depending on the size you need and the style of print you require (single or double sided)

How long do promotional flags generally last?

Indoor use: Portable systems will last many years as long as they are stored safely away (we can provide you with carry cases if you need them)

Outdoor use: Portable systems exposed to the elements will last anything between 6 months to 2 years under normal usage.

Product life will be extended by taking good care of the systems, simply by bringing them in each day. Another easy way to extend product life is to keep feather flags indoors when the weather is extremely volatile, especially heavy wind and rain, for example.

In conclusion, the majority of our portable flagpoles are designed to withhold winds up to 35mph.

What are they made from?

We use a range of fabrics designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Please let us know how you will be using them and we will be able to help you choose the right fabric.

I am not very good at design - can you help?

Yes! We offer both a free design service and a free artwork proofing service, for example.

This means our design team check everything will work well, in respect of the dimensions and any production guides (like poles sleeves and stitch marks)

Do I pay upfront?


We want you to be able to see how the product looks before we make them for you.

Once you are happy, you can pay by card (over the phone) BACS or Cheque.

When can you deliver?

Our answer is always - when do you need them?

Everything is made in-house, so if you have an urgent request, we can often help get what you need, just when you need it.

We can also send products directly to a venue if you are really pushed for time.

Please let us know at the time of enquiry if you have an urgent request and our team will prioritise the order for you.

What is the difference between single and double sided print?

Generally speaking, single sided print will involve a single piece of fabric.

We use a sublimation process that works inks through the fabric (so any colour can be seen on both sides)

Words will read correctly on the front but they will look a little odd from the back as they will simply be reverse reading (like a mirror effect)

Some words look absolutely fine and most people can figure out what the words read on the reverse (words like sales, open, free, for example)

Products with a lot of text on them can be very confusing in single print however and this has resulted in the industry offering double sided printing (further reading below)

Double Sided Printing: 2 Pieces of Fabric are printed in the same way as single sided, but they are sewn back to back (with a liner between both fabrics to reduce show through in light)

This results in both sides of the product reading correctly both sides. Choosing single or double sided print can be a little bit of a concern when ordering, but we will guide you on the best option according to your exact needs - so you need not worry at all!

We want you to have the right product that is fit for purpose and not over-engineered in any way.

Can I have any colour?

This is a very common question but the simple answer from us is - you can have any colours you wish!

If you use a particular colour scheme or colour palette (using Pantone numbers or CMYK references) this is always very helpful for us and we can match your colours very closely.

The only small thing to bear in mind is, there will always be small differences in how colours look when they are applied to different types of materials (your colour scheme will look different printed on paper as opposed to material for example)

Generally speaking though, these small variations are rarely picked up by the human eye, so customers will not be confused in any way whatsoever.

What base options do you offer?

Many customers choose a fillable base or ground spike as standard.

The fillable base is the most popular choice, simply because it is easy to transport.

Some customers have both though, so they can just install them on grass (for example) during the spring/summer months.

In addition to water fillable bases, we do offer wall brackets, ground spikes, concrete and metal bases (additional charges may apply on some options).

As is always recommended - talk to us about your needs and how the feather flags will be used and we can advise you accordingly.

If you still have more questions regarding Flag Printing, please give Sailflags a call on 01736 710077 or click this link – get a flag quote or more information