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Standard Sailflag (3.2m)
Complete system from £89
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feather flags

Standard Feather Flag (3m)
Complete system from £89
Bulk discounts available on this product

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long sailflags

Long Sailflag (4.2m)
Complete system from £99
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4 metre feather flag

Long Feather Flag (4m)
Complete system from £119
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cheap small sailflag

Value Sailflag (1.8m)
Complete system from £59
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pavement flags

Value Feather Flag (1.6m)
Complete system from £49
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vegan flags

XL Sailflag (5.2m)
Complete system from £109
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super saver feather flag £39

Super Saver Feather Flag (1.5m)
Complete system from £39
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Feather Flag Printing & Custom Feather Flags

Shapes available

Our feather flags come in two distinct shapes and a variety of sizes. The feather banner shape can also be made to custom lengths and widths (please ask for details)

The curved range comes in 1.5m, 2m, 3.2m, 4.2m and 5.2m systems.

All flags are made in-house and we do not complete your order until you have approved the final design (whether you submit artwork or take advantage of our free design service) In other words, you can order risk-free before payment is required.

Why use Sailflags?

Sailflags customer service is designed around ease of use and full support.

Our friendly and professional team will guide you through the process and provide clear prices, efficient proofing and schedule delivery for your preferred date.

Our products are high quality eye catching flags and banners, custom printed with good value for money in mind.


Base Options Fillable flag baseGround spike for flags


Feather Flags UK | About our feather flag printing service

Our friendly and attentive staff manage your enquiry from start to finish, including helping you choose the right size and shape,
design support and logistics planning to ensure the feather flags are delivered to you in good time.

It’s our attention to detail and a friendly approach to flag printing that truly sets us apart from other flag makers in the UK.

Order with complete peace of mind. All artwork is approved by you prior to completing order and payment.

Our quotes include feather flags with base, feather flags pole and standard or express delivery options. If you need flags on a next day service, please let us know.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference.

Sailflags or Sail Flags are essentially the same shape as a feather flag. Both flags can be curved at the top and finished with a straight, curved or convex bottom edge.

Teardrop Flags however, are very unique in shape and you can follow this link to see what we mean teardrop flags

You choose the delivery date

We always work with you to ensure flags are delivered on your preferred date.

Urgent orders can be produced under our Express or Priority Service, within an agreed delivery window of 1-3 days, for example. Please ask for details.

It is very unlikely we won’t be able to help you if your request is super urgent.

Standard, non-urgent orders are sent within 7 working days.

Free Design and Artwork Proofing

Yes. We offer a free design and proofing service to ensure the flags will look just right.

Your order is only completed once artwork is approved by you.


Our prices include either a water based option or  soft ground spike.

We also offer a range of non-plastic options, including cross base and metal or concrete bases (additional costs may apply)

Please ask for details when making an enquiry.

In House Production

Sailflags make all flags in-house and our costs are carefully managed to ensure our customers receive quality products with an eye on value for money.

By working with a flag maker direct, you reduce the cost paid per flag, even on individual and low print runs.

Quality within a competitive price

It is always worthwhile asking what quality (in gsm) material flags will be made from when you are shopping around. This single question will often guide you on any significant difference between flag prices.

Other factor that can affect flag prices

On the other hand, if you are using a design agency or signage company to source your flags, the price has to be increased to reflect both their design time and time spent organising booking and delivery.

Standard print

When printers or flag makers talk about standard print, this simply means one piece of material is printed onto one side.

With feather flag printing, the ink soaks through the fabric, very often showing artwork on the front and back.

This effect is often called ‘show through’.

Sailflags have been making promotional flags for a very long time and we have perfected printing on single fabrics, which results in a very good show through on the back.

What is standard print best for?

If you have a simple design and are working within a budget, standard print offers the best value for money.

Working with standard print also allows you to consider multiple flags, creating bigger impact outside premises or event stands.

Display Limitations

The only thing to note for example, is how words and graphics read or display.

Words will read correctly on the front and reverse reading or mirrored on the back.

Double sided print

With double sided print, ink is applied to both sides of the material (generally speaking)

With feather flag printing though, it is best to print on two pieces of fabric as this allows the artwork to line up almost perfectly from both sides.

Show Through

Placing 2 pieces of fabric so close together though results in an odd effect, which means the fabrics need to be separated with an inner liner.

This inner liner reduces both sides clashing with each other, for example showing through artwork from both sides.

All writing and graphics read or display correctly both sides.

double sided flags

Our portable flag systems can be used indoors or outdoors and are designed to withstand winds up to 35mph.

We do not recommend however, displaying portable flagpole systems in excessive wind and rain.

How we print our feather flags

We use a very effective dye sublimation process using environmentally conscious inks and quality flag materials.

This provides vibrant digital colour reproduction with an estimated product life between 1-2 years. This will however depend on the how the flags are used.

How product life is affected by how they are used

Firstly, a feather flag tends to made for portable flagpoles.

Exceptions include Forecourt Flags, that are placed on permanent or semi permanent flagpoles.

Portable Flag systems are designed to be brought in each day and doing this will help extend the life of the whole system, including the flag.

Sailflags experience many years of usage with our own flags by bringing them in each day and lying them on a flat surface, for example a floor.

Excessive Weather Conditions

If your property is subject to excessive wind and rain throughout the year, you need to be aware this can affect product life.

If we are aware of this, when you order the flags, we can, for example, strengthen the flags or pole systems.

Other factors that can affect product life

Leaving flags out at night can be detrimental to the fabric, which is another reason why we recommend you bring them in each night, for example.

Portable Flagpole Systems are not permanent signage

Using flags as permanent signage is not a very sound solution, as these types of systems are light.

If you need permanent signage, we can discuss better alternatives with you.

Looking for wear and tear early

Promotional flags can be so easily repaired, if you pick up on wear and tear early, for instance.

Wear and tear shows as loose stitching, small holes appearing around stress areas, like the curve, for example.

All early signs of wear and tear can be so easily repaired and if you don’t have access to a local seamstress service, we can do the repairs for you, free of charge.

Keep away from obstructions

Keeping portable flags away from walls and obstructions will ensure they keep from harms way and will certainly extend product life.

We use good quality flag knit polyester, but other materials are available according to how flags will be used.

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Feather Flags FAQ

What is a feather flag?

A feather flag is a banner shaped flag, finished in straight or curved edges, designed to create attention outside business premises or outdoor events. Feather Flags are very often made using light and portable materials but they can also be attached to a permanent forecourt style flagpole. These type of flags are very effective at attracting the eye and are designed to increase footfall to a premises or events stand.

What is a feather flag made of?

A feather flag is made from flag knit polyester.

Are feather flags double sided?

Feather Flags can be single or double sided. Always ask for a quote for both options and take advice on what suits you best.

How sturdy are feather flags?

Feather flags will normally withstand wind and rain up to 35mph. If your area of the world is exposed to extreme weather conditions, request reinforcements to flags and poles systems.

How much do feather flags cost?

Feather flags in the UK vary in price and generally start from £39 for a small system, £79 for a medium system, £99 for a tall system and £119 for an extra large system.

At Sailflags feather flag printing is our core business, so if you are in need of custom feather flags, you are definitely in the right place.

We can provide you with an accurate quote very quickly or you can call us on 01736 710077 if you would prefer to speak with someone.