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Why use Sailflags?

We make our flags and banners in-house, which means we can great pricing, backed with a first-class service. Orders can also be processed quickly for urgent deadlines.

We are here to help you with the design and function side of things, including the best mesh banner material to use (whether fabric or PVC) Our team is friendly and swift to respond to your queries too.

Sailflags are big enough to provide you with the reassurance the job will be done quickly, without fuss, and small enough to care about the final finish and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you check if my artwork is suitable?

Yes! We offer artwork proofing free.

In other words, we check everything from layout to quality and sizing issues (in relation to images and photos)

You will always receive a proof before we complete your order and payment.

We will also re-do any artwork for you.

This is part of our free design service.

In conclusion, if your design is not quite working within the media space provided, we will let you know.

Will you send a parcel in plain wrap?

We can offer either (mesh banners wholesale are in plain packaging)

Sailflags branding is only used on customers who buy from us direct.

If white label service is of interest, please let us know at time of order.

Why would I choose an air mesh banner?

Air mesh is a better solution to standard mesh in high wind areas or where banner is up high, on a large tall building, for example.

Air mesh allows air flow through the material. This in turn takes pressure away from fabric or pvc.

Do you offer eyelets?

Yes. We use plated eyelets for outdoor use.

We also offer different eyelets according to the size and fabric used. Please ask for details.

Eyelets will be evenly spaced around the banner but we can add more if these are required.

Can you offer a reinforced hem?


A reinforced hem provides extra stitching around the banner to strengthen the edges.

This is something we do as standard with any banners used outdoors, especially at height.

PVC air mesh banners are finished with a welded hem for maximum strength and durability.

What is the difference between Air Mesh and Sailflags Standard Eco HD?

Air mesh has larger holes than the standard 240gsm ECO HD material.

This allows more wind to pass through.

Air mesh is also better suited to large banners in exposed areas.

How much does air mesh weigh?

Sailflags Fabric Air Mesh is 140gsm. PVC is 340gsm (grams per square metre)

This weight is generally more than most banner companies use as it's more expensive, but the quality is important to us, especially when used on buildings exposed to the weather.

Will welded joins be visible?

There will be some degree of visibility, but this will not detract from the main section of the design.

It is fair to say, anyone viewing the media will only notice if it's pointed out to them.

If for any reason this is an issue for you, please let us know at time of ordering and we can review the options.

What wind speeds will the banners withstand?

As with all temporary signage, we do not recommend it being displayed in winds exceeding 35mph, but we do appreciate this is not always practical.

Please be aware that any temporary signage exposed to excessive wind and rain will be subject to excessive wear and tear.

This can result in dramatically reducing the life of the product in the process.

Please always discuss this with us during the quote and design process, so we can give you the best advice and product/s available.

What is the recommended fixing methods to scaffolding?

There are a few options available depending on the size of your banner.

Smaller mesh banners can have pole pockets on them which you can use scaffold tube connected to the main frame of the scaffold.

Hem and Eyelets is also a good option which allows you to use cable ties or bungee ties.

For larger banners we recommend hem & eyelets with reinforced hem and then fasten to the scaffold using long bungee cord.

Many installers weave the cord in zig zag formation through the eyelets and onto the frame of the scaffold.

It is important to measure fixing area accurately prior to ordering.

We believe air mesh banners are a great solution under the right circumstances, but that will not always be the case. Please explain to us how you are going to use them when you request a quote.

air mesh banners

Air Mesh Banners

From:£35.00 ex. VAT

Air Mesh Banners are designed for outdoor use and allow air to flow through the fabric.

This type of banner is ideal for mesh fence banners or fabric banners that need to be displayed at height or in extreme, weather exposed areas.

Our fabric banner printing service is based around your needs.

We can therefore support you in terms of sizing, designing and finishing the banner so it meets exacting standards.

Product information

Air Mesh printing with an eye on service and value for money.

Can be cut to size or fitted with eyelets

Hemming options available on request

Available in standard print only

Tech specs

Material: Medium weight mesh fabric display material with digital colour reproduction.

Ink Type: Water Based

Portrait Sizes Available: Any length available | Max Width 150cm* (approx.)

Landscape Sizes Available: Any width available | Max Height 150cm* (approx.)

Single Sided Printing Only Available

*Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided

Design and Artwork Downloads

We can lay out basic banner designs with our free design service.

If you would like to design the banner/s yourself, please size it accordingly and leave 5 cm space all around to allow for hemming and eyelets. If you are in doubt, leave the spacing to us and we will provide you with a design proof before going to print.

Due to the nature of fabric air mesh material, we do not recommend double sided mesh banner designs – it is very likely the overall look of the design will look very cluttered, even disjointed to the human eye.

Air Mesh Banners Product Reviews
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