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Traditional Flags
With Toggle/Cord or Eyelets from £25
Bulk discounts available on this product
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camborne trevithick day trapezoid flags

Trapezoid Flags
Sleeved with Eyelet from
Bulk discounts available on this product

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forestay sailing flags

Forestay Flags
With Toggle & Cord or Eyelets from £19
Bulk discounts available on this product

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flag of cornwall

Custom Sized Traditional Flag
We can make flags to any size –
please ask for details

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fabric bunting printing

Fabric Bunting Printing
Standard from £4.50 per metre | Double Sided from £8.95 per metre
Bulk discounts available on this product
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picture of a child holding a hand waving flag

Hand Waving Flags
Sleeved with Eyelet from
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pennant flag or burgee with skull and cross bones

Pennant / Burgees
With Toggle & Cord or Eyelets from £19
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santander golf flag displayed in a field for presentation purposes

Golf Flags
From £4.95 sleeved
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Custom Flag Printing

Sailflags make flags and banners for people and organisations across the UK, Europe and USA. We have been making custom flags for over 20 years now and we have become very efficient at helping customers order them quickly, with minimum fuss.

Friendly & Helpful Service

Our staff are friendly and attentive. This approach to flag making sets us apart from the norm and ensures our customers receive a straightforward and reliable service. In other words, if you want to have your flags made by friendly, helpful people, you are in the right place.

If you are finding it hard to speak with someone who understands your time is valuable, we know you won’t be disappointed with the way we make the process of ordering flags enjoyable and simple.

No upfront payment

We don’t believe you should have to pay for your flags upfront. This is why we offer a free artwork proofing service. Once you are happy with the flag design, we can complete paperwork and payment, for instance.

Nothing is to much trouble, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Why use Sailflags?

Your flags are important to us. We are focussed on helping you achieve the best results, in terms of impact and effectiveness, for instance.

We have perfected the art of making good quality flags with value for money in mind.

By working direct with a flag maker, you keep your costs down and control delivery date. In conclusion, you save time, money and delays.

Custom Flag Printing Reviews

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

We always work with you to ensure the flags are delivered on your preferred date. If you have urgent orders, we can prioritise these for you under our Express or Priority Service, for instance.

Depending on the time of day you call, we can get custom flags printed and dispatched within an agreed delivery window of 1-3 days. Please ask for details.

Standard, non-urgent orders are sent within 5-7 working days.

Yes. We offer a free design and proofing service to ensure the flags will look just right. In other words, your order is only completed once artwork is approved by you.

Standard print – Single piece of flag material with a show through of design on the back. Words and graphics read / display correctly on front and reverse reading or mirrored on the back.

Double sided print – 2 flags sewn back to back (with an inner liner to reduce show through) All writing and graphics read or display correctly both sides.

We are here to guide you on which solution will work best for. In conclusion, we don’t want to recommend the wrong product for your needs.

Flags are designed to last between 1-2 years on medium usage (daily use outside)

There are however, several factors that will either prolong the life of the flag or reduce it.

Here is a common list of factors:

Bring flags in daily
Flags are designed to be brought in each day and doing this will extend product life

Watch the Weather
If your part of the world is subject to excessive weather conditions (wind, rain, sunlight) these factors can all add extra stress to flags. Please let us know when making an enquiry and we can discuss ways to work around this for you.

Don’t leave flags out at night
Leaving flags out at night can be detrimental to the fabric

Flags are not designed to be used a permanent signage
Using flags as permanent signage is not a sound solution. If you need permanent signage, we can discuss better alternatives with you.

Look for wear and tear early
Looking for signs of wear and tear early, will ensure your flags can be repaired, rather than replaced. In conclusion, if you look after them, they will last much longer.

We generally use good quality polyester knit material, but other materials are available according to how flags will be used.

The main feedback we receive from customers regarding our custom flags is, we offer a very simple and friendly service, which is hassle free and quick to use. In other words, you won’t be talking to grumpy people who want you to order online.

Many customers come to us with a vision and we are in tune with helping every customer bring their visions to life.

We also make all our flags in-house, so we can make what you need quickly and efficiently. This means you can choose the delivery date.

The other area we receive a lot of praise for is the quality and prices. We do take a lot of pride in making sure all custom fabric flags are printed exceptionally well and finished to a very good standard, with an eye on value for money.

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Sailflags are specialist makers of flags and banners. All our flags and made in-house to our customers design or layout instructions.

If you are looking for a friendly and efficient custom flag printing service, we believe you will be as delighted as our customers are in the value and service.

Call us today on 01736 710077 or send us a contact here

What is custom flag printing?

Flags made to a specific size and shape, with unique design.

How much do custom flags cost?

Most flag makers can offer custom flags from as little as £25. Larger flags with unique shapes will start from £50.

How is a custom flag made?

Flag makers will print, cut and sew flags to your exclusive design.