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Standard Sailflag (3.2m)
Flag and Pole from £89
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Standard Feather Flag (3m)
Flag and Pole from £94
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Long Sailflag (4.2m)
Flag and Pole from £99
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Long Feather Flag (4m)
Flag and Pole from £104
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Value Sailflag (1.7m)
Flag and Pole from £69
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Value Feather Flag (1.6m)
Flag and Pole from £64
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XL Sailflag (5.2m)
Flag and Pole from £109
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Rucksack Flag (1.1m) Complete kit from £79 Bulk discounts available on this product trust pilot star rating

Sailflags Feather Flag Reviews

Feather Flags that get you noticed every time.

About our Feather Flags and Shape Styles

Our feather flags come in two distinct shapes, both are rectangular in form, for example.

Sailflags | The most popular promotional flag by far

Sailflags have a curve at the top and can be finished with a straight edge, and a variety of curves at the bottom, for instance.

Flags are supplied on fixed height pole systems, ranging from 1.5m up to 5.2m, according to the model you choose, for example.

Feather Flags | The original

The Feather Flag, is strictly rectangular, like a banner, for instance, with straight lines (or flat edges) on top and bottom.

Feather flags come on adjustable pole systems ranging from 1.6m to 4m high, giving you a great deal of flexibility if you wish to use flags indoors or outdoors, for example.

Custom Feather Flags

In addition, we can also make feather flags or feather banners to custom heights and widths.

These customised feather flags are similarly supplied with an adjustable pole system.

All our flags are made in-house and we do not complete the order until you have approved the final design (whether you submit artwork or take advantage of our free design service) In other words, you can order risk-free before payment is required.

Why use Sailflags?

Sailflags customer service is designed around ease of use and full support. Our systems include feather flags with flagpole included in standard pricing. 

We want you to be able to order easily and have all the support you need, for example, choosing the right shapes and sizes.

At Sailflags, the first question we ask is, how will you be using the flags. This helps us guide you on the best solution for your organisation, for example.

In terms of design, we offer free design or artwork-proofing before you confirm your order, just to make sure everything looks just right.

Friendly, professional team

Our friendly and professional team guides you through the process and provides clear prices, efficient proofing, and confirmed delivery dates.

Sailflags products are also, high quality, eye-catching flags, and banners, custom printed with good value for money in mind.

In summary, the products are exclusive to Sailflags and are made in-house. Feather Flags Printing has never been so easy!

Feather Flags UK Made | About Sailflags feather flag printing service

We pride ourselves on providing you with a great service.

Our friendly and attentive staff manage your inquiry from start to finish, including helping you choose the right size and shape, design support, and logistics planning to ensure the feather flags are delivered to you in good time.

It’s our attention to detail and a friendly approach to flag printing that truly sets us apart from other flag makers in the UK.

Order with complete peace of mind. All artwork is approved by you prior to completing the order and payment.

Our quotes include feather flags with feather flags pole, and standard or express delivery options. If you need flags on a next-day service, please let us know.

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Feather Flags FAQ

What is a feather flag?

A feather flag is a banner-shaped flag, finished in straight or curved edges, designed to create attention outside business premises or outdoor events. Feather Flags are commonly made using light and portable materials but can also be attached to a semi-permanent forecourt style flagpole. Feather flag banners are very effective at attracting the eye and are designed to increase footfall to a premises or events stand.


What is a feather flag made of?

A feather flag is made from flag knit polyester.


Are feather flags double-sided?

Feather Flags can be purchased in standard or double-sided print. Always ask for a quote for both options and take advice on what suits you brand and your needs best.


How sturdy are feather flags?

Feather flags will normally withstand wind and rain up to 35mph. If your area of the world is exposed to extreme weather conditions, request reinforcements to flags and poles systems.


How much do feather flags cost?

Feather flags in the UK vary in price and generally start from £49 for a small system, £99 for a medium system, £119 for a tall system and £129 for an extra-large system.


How quick is delivery?

You can choose the delivery date and we always ask you whether you have a deadline, to ensure you receive flags in good time, for example. Urgent orders can be fulfilled using our Express or Priority Service, within an agreed delivery window of 1-3 days, for example. If you have an urgent deadline or specific delivery date in mind, please let us know at the time of booking. Likewise, if your order is not urgent, flags are dispatched within 7 working days.


Do you offer a free design service?

Yes. Sailflags operate a free design and artwork proofing service for you and will even provide proofs, for example, before you confirm the order and make payment. There are many reasons to use Sailflags for flag printing, but above all, we would say it’s the free design and proofing service that sets us apart from the competition. For example, our customers' feedback to us how friendly and helpful our team is when it comes to designing, printing, and dispatching the items on time.


Is a base included?

No. Sailflags feather flags come supplied with flag and pole. The base option costs extra. Sailflags also offer a range of non-plastic options, including cross base and metal or concrete bases (additional costs may apply) Please ask for details when making an enquiry.


What is the difference between standard and double-sided printing?

A traditional flag is designed to look the same on the front and back. This is classed as standard print, using one piece of material, allowing the ink to soak through the whole piece of fabric. Where writing is used on a flag, double-sided printing is often used to ensure words can be read correctly on both sides. This involves sewing 2 pieces of flag material together, in between a 3rd piece of fabric to reduce show-through from each side. In many cases, standard print works fine with feather flags, but if you are in any doubt, our flag makers are on hand to provide best practice advice.


How long do feather flags last?

If you look after them, feather flags can last many years. Due to a lack of knowledge surrounding product care, however, they can be often used in poor weather conditions or as permanent signage, which is not something they are designed for. We have flags many, many years old that go outside daily and come indoors each evening for safekeeping. Sailflags do not recommend displaying flags outside 24/7 or in wind conditions over 35mph.


What flag material do you use?

We use durable flag knit polyester, but other materials are available according to how flags will be used. If you do have a unique or special request, for example, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

There is 2 distinct shapes of feather flags

feather flags curved

Sailflags | curved top with a straight or curved bottom

One is curved at the top, with either a straight edge or curve at the bottom.

The other has straight edges top and bottom.

feather banners

Feather Flags | straight edge top and bottom


Generally speaking, most customers either have a fillable base or ground spike with portable flag systems.

Fillable base:

Easy to store, light to carry. Can be filled with water and emptied at the end of the show or topped up if left outside premises.

Ground spike:

Easy to store, light to carry. Can be fixed into medium soft ground.

Alternative options

Wall Brackets:

Ideal for the super saver, value and standard feather, sail, and teardrop flags.

Concrete Bases:

Ideal when you need something a little more sturdy than plastic fillable bases.

Flat Metal Bases:

Want something that looks smart and sleek? Flat metal bases give any brand a superlative feel.

Car or Drive Over Bases:

These types of bases are great for car forecourts or car/vehicle shows. Simply drive onto the base and place your flag in the holder.


Value Sailflag | Value-sail-1.4m-.pdf | Value Double Sided SailflagValue-sail-1.4m-DS-.pdf

Standard Sailflag | Sailflag-2.5m-.pdf | Standard Sailflag Scoop | Sailflag-2.5m-scoop-.pdf | Standard Double Sided Scoop | Sailflag-2.5m-DS-scoop-.pdf

Sailflags Long Range

Standard Long | Sailflag-long-3.5m-.pdf | Double Sided LongSailflag-long-3.5m-DS-scoop-.pdf

Sailflags XL

XL | Sailflag-XL-4.5m.pdf

Feather Flags

Value Feather Flag | Value-feather-1.2m-1-1.pdf | Double Sided Value Feather Flag | Value-feather-1.2m-DS-1-1.pdf

Feather Flag Feather-2.0m-.pdf

Feather Flag Buying Guide

Since 2004, Sailflags has been a one-stop shop for customers wishing to buy durable feather flags. We have our own in-house flag-making facilities, including a sales, design, and flag-making team. This allows us to offer shorter lead times and provide competitive prices to our customers.

We understand that all customers have unique requirements, along with varying degrees of support needs. Service and support lie at the foundation of the products we make for our customers, and we pride ourselves on producing bespoke flags to a very good standard. We have invested heavily in our materials and products, ensuring that we only supply the best value for money products.

Step 1: Choose the shape and size

feather flags vs sailflagsShape

The most popular shape by far is the sail flag, which is banner-shaped with a distinctive curved top. The bottom edge can be straight, curved, or scooped (the scooped version looks like a quill or feather, leading to many using the term feather flag)

Our feather flag is rectangular with straight edges, top, and bottom.


Choosing the right size of flag is very important, to ensure the flag has plenty of room to turn 360° within a fillable base or ground spike.

If the flag is too big for the space it occupies, it will inevitably knock into obstructions like walls, buildings, or passers-by. This results in unnecessary damage to flags and flagpoles, for example.

The most popular flag sizes tend to be around 2-4m high, allowing for a 1.4m (square) space to allow the flag to rotate.

Step 2: Standard or Double-Sided Print?

Over the centuries, flags have been designed to look the same from the front and back, using colours, symbols, or simple illustrations (mainly)

This allows the use of a single piece of cloth, where inks are worked into the fabric, displaying a visible orientation of the flag from both sides.

With promotional flags, very often, text is added to the design, which can result in legibility issues, where words or sentences are reversed on the back, for example, making it very hard to read.

To work around this issue, it is possible to use 2 pieces of flag material and sew them back to back.

An inner liner is inserted between the layers to reduce show-through under bright lighting conditions or bright sunshine. This is known as double-sided.

We have noticed a marked increase in the use of double-sided printing for feather flags and would always push the point promotional flags are mainly designed to attract attention, rather than be used as signage.

There is, however, a real trend for customers to buy double-sided feather flags as they significantly look and feel better quality.

If you are in any doubt about what is best for you, please contact us in person and we can help you decide on the best option.

Water Fillable flag baseStep 3: Choose the right base option

The most popular base options are either water fillable bases (similar to parasol bases) or ground spikes (rubber mallets are not included though and it helps to have the use of one to knock into the ground properly)

Customers generally choose water fillable bases as they can be transported (empty) with ease, both in vehicles and using public transport.

In summary, they are easy to carry.

Once at the show or event, they can be filled with water and weigh a minimum of 15Kg when full (even the compact fillable)

The ground spikes are particularly popular in spring/summertime, especially for outdoor shows and events.

Your Feather Flag Printing Questions Answered
Sailflags answer popular questions relating to sail flags and feather flags

Your Feather Flag Printing Questions Answered

Sailflags answer popular questions relating to sail flags and feather flags

What is a feather flag?

A feather flag is a free-standing flag and pole system used as a point of sale (POS) inside / outside premises and event stands. Feather Flags are specifically designed to increase footfall, providing a warm and welcoming visual that attracts positive attention.

How much do feather flags cost?

In the UK, complete Feather Flag systems are available from only £49 (plus vat) with a custom printed flag and flagpole.

How do feather flags work?

Feather Flags are free-standing and can be placed close to business premises or as part of an event or exhibition stand. They are designed to attract attention and increase footfall.

Do Feather Flags work?

Yes, feather flags attract attention to your premises or event stand. They can also be enhanced by using bunting, balloons, table flags and more. Enhancing the look of your stand or premises to look more inviting to passers-by pays dividends.

How much do feather flags weigh?

Generally speaking, feather flags weigh no more than a bag of sugar or two (1-2 Kgs) Adding a concrete or water fillable base needs further consideration. Lighter base options include ground spikes, ground screws and cross bases.

What is a swooper flag?

A swooper flag is a type of feather flag, shaped without the top curve.

What is the difference between single and double-sided feather flags?

Generally speaking, single-sided print will involve a single piece of fabric.

This is processed using a sublimation process that works inks through the fabric (so any colour can be seen on both sides)

Words will read correctly on the front but they will look a little odd from the back as they will simply be reverse reading (or mirror effect)

Some words look absolutely fine and most people can figure out what the words read on the reverse (words like sales, open, free, for example)

Products with a lot of text on them can be very confusing in single print however and this has resulted in the industry offering double sided printing (further reading below)

Double Sided Printing: 2 Pieces of Fabric are printed in the same way as single sided, but they are sewn back to back (with a liner between both fabrics to reduce show-through in light)

This results in both sides of the product reading correctly. Choosing single or double sided print can be a little bit of a concern when ordering, but we will guide you on the best option according to your exact needs - so you need not worry at all!

We want you to have the right product that is fit for purpose and not over-engineered in any way.

What colours are feather flags available in?

Feather flags can be printed in many colours, including Pantone colours (uncoated) The only real exception is fluorescent colours, but we do have a range of fluorescent coloured fabrics to choose from. Please ask for details.

Are feather flags made from recycled materials?

Sailflags now offer feather flags in 100% recycled material as standard. We can also discuss eco-conscious base options, including ground spikes and flat metal bases.


Want to talk to us about custom feather flags?

Get accurate quotes, support, free design and artwork proofing.

Contact Sailflags by email or phone on 01736 710077.

Need any other printing supplies?

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Looking for an alternative to Feather Flags?

standard teardrop flag

We also offer a teardrop-style feather flag, ideal for sports, leisure, fitness, outdoor, and ultra-modern brands.

Ideal for brands with circular logos that fit very neatly into the top of the flag curve.

These can be secured to most structures using cable ties, or placed within a base solution made from plastic, metal, or concrete.

Please ask for details when discussing how you will secure your feather flags.


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