Looking for Inspirational Flag Designs? Here is a small selection of flags we have printed in the last 6 months. This page is updated regularly, so please come back again soon!

Promotional Flags

Free Flag Design!

idm feather flagsWhy not take advantage of the Sailflags Free Design and Proofing Service?

Submit your logo and/or images with a design brief and we’ll do the rest. We can produce any style of flag from traditional to promotional in a range of shapes and sizes.

Interesting Flag Facts

    • Earliest recorded flags and banners date back to 200BC, used by Leaderships and the Military
    • The study of Flags is known as vexillology
    • Traditional flags are generally designed to read correctly front and back (reverse reading)
    • One piece of material is normally used to maximise movement in a breeze or wind
      • Two flags can be sewn back to back where designs are significantly different but this can affect the resulting combination’s responsiveness to the wind