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10 Things You Should Know About Promotional Flags

Promotional flags have become a cost effective way to attract attention to business premises and show stands across the country. Available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, promo flags are a blank canvas for you to maximise your own brand identity and unique message.
Here is the top 10 Things You Should Know about them:

  • They are designed to be light and portable
  • Flags and flag systems can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Flags are normally double sided to read correct one side and reverse the other
  • 2 flags can be sewn back to back to ensure both sides read correctly if required
  • Flags are designed to move in a light breeze to attract attention
  • Digital colour is normally available
  • Flags and flagpoles are secured to a portable base or ground spike (for using on grass)
  • Product life varies according to outdoor weather conditions and hours per day exposed to wind and rain. Will last up to six months exposed 24/7 to elements or up to 3 years if stored away each day
  • There is no limitation to what designs you can have on a flag
  • Flags come in many shapes and sizes, from banner shapes, to feathers, sails and teardrops

Promotional flags offer an attractive alternative to traditional static signage, such as A Boards. Demand in promotional flags continues to grow in the UK, particularly from the B2B community.

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What is a feather flag?

A feather flag is a style of flag often used for promotional or ceremonial use.
Feather flags tend to be rectangular shaped, with either a straight or curved edge at the top of the flag.
Flags can be installed to a portable or permanent flagpole system.

exsportise flags

Exsportise flags and banners

Exsportise – one of the UK’s premier providers of English language summer camps for children . .

cbbc kickabout sailflags

CBBC Match of the Day Kickabout

The BBC approached us to supply flags for their CBBC Match of the Day programmes during the World Cup . . .

flags featured in lorraine kelly bikini challenge

Lorraine Kelly Bikini Challenge

Sailflags have been featured on Lorraine Kelly’s ‘Bikini Challenge’

helen glover celebrating gold medal

Helen Glover Olympic Champion

We have just been scouting through our photo library and came across this great picture of Helen Glover’s victory procession back in 2012.

flag featured in eastenders episode

Sailflags on Eastenders

Sailflags were featured recently on an Eastenders episode in which some of the main characters ran for for charity.

warrens shop flags

Warrens Bakery Flags

off the beaten tack flags

Off the beaten tack flags