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5 reasons to use flags for business


  1.  Flags have been around for centuries and evoke positive feelings about being outdoors, in terms of natural movement, colour and heritage.
  2.  Hidden gems can be highlighted to customers old and new. Our customers regularly feedback new local customers telling them they did not know they existed.
  3.  Increase footfall and sales. Expected increased footfall between 25 - 100% using brightly coloured flags to attract attention to your business premises.
  4.  Boost motivation for customers to buy and show your staff your business is going places.
  5.  During Covid-19 remind customers how to stay safe through social distancing and show support for key workers.

Did you know . . . .

In Japan, business owners have been dressing up premises with flags, banners, and balloons for decades. They absolutely insist on making their premises appealing to passers-by.

The UK doesn't really subscribe to this way of thinking, which is unfortunate, as it really works!

Dressing up premises is normally reserved for launch opening days or special promotions, but for those in the know, dressing up premises every day makes a big difference to footfall, customer loyalty, and sales.

At Sailflags, it is a common occurrence for new customers to feedback how well the flags have worked, in terms of attracting new custom.

"Customers didn't know we were here", is really common, so it's a shame the UK hasn't adopted Japan's way of sprucing up business premises.

For those who benefit the most, using promotional flags remains a little bit of a hidden secret to succeeding during difficult periods of trading.



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