10 Tips for designing amazing Flags

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Design amazing flags with these easy to use tips:

  1. Keep text to a bare minimum – nobody is going to read all the content, especially if they are passing by in a hurry
  2. Use vibrant colours to attract maximum attention
  3. Use images to show off what you offer
  4. Don’t allow key elements of design to run off towards flag sleeve
  5. Don’t stack long words on flags – they look awful and are often unreadable
  6. Work within stitch lines to ensure the design is not covered in stitch marks at key points
  7. Provide CMYK pantone references if you need to protect branding colours
  8. Consider double sided flags if the design needs to be clear on both sides
  9. Submit artwork in high resolution (or high definition) to avoid pixilation (blurring)
  10. Get a proof from the flag maker before going to print – they will know for sure on whether your design is really going to work



Author | Iain Venn

Iain Venn is a GM for a flag maker based in Cornwall, England and has been involved since it was established in 2004. The company today makes flags for companies across the UK, Europe and USA.