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A beginners guide to using promotional flags

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Promotional flags are designed to attract attention and increase footfall to a business premises or event stand.

If you want to increase footfall to a business premises or show stand, these types of flags are growing in popularity and they are a very cost effective way of grabbing the attention of passers by.

They come in a range of shapes and are often referred to as feather flags, sail flags, beach flags, teardrop flags and flag banners.

As a flag maker, we are still pleasantly surprised when customers feedback just how effective promotional flags are at improving their business, with many telling us they see an immediate improvement in customer footfall. They also feedback that new found customers tell them they never knew their business existed and they pass by on a regular basis.

It's amazing to receive so much positive feedback and some find it makes so much of a difference to business, they cannot afford not to have the flags on display.

Whilst promotional flags are a good option, they won't be suitable for everyone though, so it's important to evaluate the following:

Do you have enough space for a flag to move freely in a light breeze or wind?

Promotional flags used outdoors need around a square metre of space to move freely (many will rotate around a spigot) and will need to be placed away from walls or damaging objects.

Do you have time to bring down the flags at the end of a busy day?

Promotional flags are not normally designed to be displayed 24/7 and really need to be brought in at the end of the day to avoid unnecessary damage.

If you don't have the time to do this you would be better off looking for a permanent signage solution that needs little care.

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Once you have understood the basics of owning promotional flags, the next step will be to decide what shape will best reflect on your business or brand. Some flag shapes will move naturally but others will not. Some shapes lend themselves to traditional brands and services whilst others fit sporty or active brands and services.

When it comes to these specialist flags, it is also worth considering what size is practical for the space you have and whether they will be noticed by passers by.

Advertising copy is also important - if you pitch it just right and keep the message simple - it will create the required impact. If you over complicate copy and have too much information on the flag, it is likely to be too busy and not as effective.

Flagging your business or stand up with these types of flags can really provide a nice looking and non-evasive sales aid that results in positive comments and welcome custom.

A beginners guide to using promotional flags continued . . . .

  • Always remember to keep your message on point
  • Keep your flags clean and tidy to prolong life
  • Avoid congested pavements
  • Bring down each day
  • Periodically change colour scheme and pos messages to ensure they continually look fresh and appealing
  • Keep a mental note of how many customers mention your flags for return on investment

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