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Value Sailflag (1.7m)
Flag and Pole from £69
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Standard Sailflag (3.2m)
Flag and Pole from £89
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Long Sailflag (4.2m)
Flag and Pole from £99
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XL Sailflag (5.2m)
Flag and Pole from £109
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Sailflags make flags and banners for people and organisations across the UK, Europe and USA.

Our friendly and attentive approach to flag making sets us apart from the norm and ensures our customers receive a straightforward and reliable service.

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Why use Sailflags?

Your flags are important to us and we are focussed on helping you achieve the best results, in terms of impact and effectiveness.

We have perfected the art of making good quality flags with value for money in mind.

By working direct with a flag maker, you keep control of costs and your required delivery date.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When can you deliver sail flags?
We always work with you to ensure flags are delivered on your preferred date.

Urgent orders can be produced under our Express or Priority Service, within an agreed delivery window of 1-3 days. Please ask for details.

Standard, non-urgent orders are dispatched within 7 working days.
Do you offer a free design service?
Yes. We offer a free design and proofing service to ensure flags look just right.

Your order is only completed once artwork is approved by you.
Is a base included with flags?
What is the difference between standard print and double-sided print?
Standard print – Single piece of flag material with a show through of design on the back.

Words and graphics read / display correctly on front and reverse reading or mirrored effect on the back.

Double sided print – 2 flags sewn back to back (with an inner liner to reduce show through)

All writing and graphics read or display correctly both sides.

Our team are on hand to guide you on which option is best, based on your individual needs.
Will flags stand up in wind?
Our systems are designed to withstand winds up to 35mph.

We do not recommend however, displaying portable flagpole systems in excessive wind and rain.
How long will flags last?
Flags are designed to last between 1-2 years on medium usage (daily use outside)

There are however, several factors that will either prolong the life of the flag or reduce it.

Here is a common list of factors:

- Bring Sail Flags in daily

Portable Flag systems are designed to be brought in each day and doing this will help extend the life of the whole system, including the flag

If your part of the world is subject to excessive weather conditions (wind, rain, sunlight) these factors can all add extra stress to flags and the portable systems.

Please let us know when making an enquiry and we can discuss ways to work around this for you

Please note: Leaving flags out at night can be detrimental to the fabric

- Portable flag systems should not be used as permanent signage

Using flags as permanent signage is not a sound solution. If you need permanent signage, we can discuss alternatives with you

- Look for signs of wear and tear early

Looking for signs of wear and tear early, will ensure your flags can be repaired, rather than replaced

- Keep Sail Flags away from obstructions.

Keeping portable flags away from walls and obstructions will ensure they keep from harms way.
What is the difference between a Sailflag and a Feather Flag?
There is no difference. Both flags can be curved at the top and finished with a straight, curved or convex bottom edge.
What flag material do you use?
We use good quality polyester flag knit material, made from 100% recycled plastic, but other materials are available according to how flags will be used.

Please let us know how flags will be used and we can talk you through the options.

Want to talk to us about custom sailflags?

Get accurate quotes, support, free design and artwork proofing.

Contact Sailflags by email or phone on 01736 710077.

Looking for an alternative to Sailflags?

standard teardrop flag

We also offer a teardrop-style feather flag, ideal for sports, leisure, fitness, outdoor, and ultra-modern brands.

Ideal for brands with circular logos that fit very neatly into the top of the flag curve.

These can be secured to most structures using cable ties, or placed within a base solution made from plastic, metal, or concrete.

Please ask for details when discussing how you will secure your feather flags.


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