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Backpack Flags

These are becoming more popular nowadays and we have been making them for a few years now.

The backpack and flag are light to carry and there is space to pack away essentials should you be on your feet all day.

We make these for a variety of customers, from traditional retailers to churches and walking tour groups. They are a novel way to get noticed on the move and they are perfectly safe to use in a crowd.

Backpack Flags & Rucksack Flags

Standard £59 | Double sided £79

in stock

Bulk Savings available on this product

A portable flag system housed in a backpack / rucksack.

Choose between a teardrop (1m flag) Feather Flag (1m flag) or Sail Flag (1.15m flag) mounted onto a 1.3m flagpole system.

A value for money, good sized portable flag system designed for indoor and outdoor use.

• Comes complete with flag, pole and backpack / rucksack

• Available in standard or double sided print

Flag it up on the move!

Our backpack range gives you full digital colour flags, housed within a neat and tidy package that engages with audiences at busy events or on the high street.

Teardrop Flag: 1m Long

Sail Flag 1.15m Long

Feather Flag 1m Long

Pole: H 1m • D 22mm • W 250g

Rucksack: L 47cm W 35cm • W 500g

*Please note: Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided.

We can lay out basic designs with our free design service.

You can use the templates below to either draft out a copy of what you would like OR design and submit the full artwork yourself.

• Teardrop Flag | • Double sided Teardrop Flag

• Sailflag | • Double sided Sailflag

• Feather Flag | • Double sided Feather Flag

FAQs | Frequently asked Questions

Are the flags good quality?

Yes, we use the same quality as is used on larger outdoor flag systems. If looked after (in terms of storing them away when not in use) there is no reason why these won’t last years.

What about the backpacks – are they good quality?

The backpacks are of very good quality and we have never received any complaints regarding finish or function. They are light with extra room for storing extra leaflets, food and water (for example)

Is the whole kit included in the price?

Yes. We include the flag, flagpole and backpack (or rucksack as some customers refer to it as)

Flags are easily changed if you wish to try different colours or advertising messages (please ask at time of ordering)

Can you help with design?

Most definitely. Simply tell us what you need and our studio will come up with a design for you.

Do you charge for reproofs?

No. We are happy to make any changes required for you without charge.

How long do backpack flags take to make and deliver?

We make these in-house (just like our flags) so just let us know when you need them and we’ll do the rest.