What is RGB?
Digital cameras, phones and computer screens project light in a mixture of red, green and blue (RGB)

What is CMYK?
Printed materials reflect light from a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks (CMYK)

RGB lights combine to make white

CMYK inks combine to make black

So all RGB files must be converted to CMYK for printing.

If you supply RGB files we will convert them before proofing. Certain very bright colours on a backlit screen simply cannot be printed on a surface with standard CMYK inks. Those colours will look duller after we’ve converted them. You are more likely to notice this when you used a solid fluorescent colour as a background or fill.

RGB colours backlit onscreen

CMYK colours printed with ink

resolution image
resolution image

Colour photographs usually don’t suffer from visible conversion issues

We can however, make your flags as bright as physically possible!

If your proof seems like a substantial step down in colour intensity from RGB to CMYK, please rest assured that your flags will look bright and colourful, in the context of printed fabrics.