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Free Stock Images | Top 10 Resources

Introduction to sourcing free images

When it comes to finding free, quality images to use on your next design project, the good news is, there is a growing number of resources now available online.

The downside is, getting what you need free, will take up some of your time, so it's important to follow these golden rules:

  1.  Always set up an images folder and save on the fly
  2. Make sure images are available in the resolution you need
  3.  Rename images to include copyright info
  4. Get as many images together in the time you have available
  5. Get colleagues to check over the images too and find a positive consensus on which images will be right for the design project concerned

Top 10 Summary | Free Stock Images

Stock Snap Fuss free way to download stunning images across every design theme you can imagine. Easy and intuitive search feature.

Unsplash is another fuss free way to download free images using a very intuitive search option. You can also view current categories that are relevant in the world today.

Pixabay offers arguably the largest selection of free images online today and you can make donations to photographers if you wish. There is also an option to access recognised professionals through Shutterstock.

ISO Republic offer another simple to use resource with easy searching and downloading. There is also a free 30 day trial to Shutterstock for those who want a more extensive library.

Kaboompics offers a mix of free and paid for images in one place, through iStock by Getty Images.

Pexels Free and easy to use with good search facility.

Burst is a free image library resource provided by Shopify with a easy to use search facility and download facility.

Fancy Crave is a useful resource if you are looking for inspiration. They provide free image packs based on a number of themes (people, food, travel to name but a few)

Life of Pix provide some seriously trendy looking images free but you will need to have a little time on your hands to work through the gallery. The search option generally points you to paid Adobe products.

New Old Stock is ideal if you are looking for free black and white photographs with a genuine nostalgic feel to them. Simply right click on images to copy and paste into your image folders.

Etiquette when using free images

Always, always credit the photographer and where possible, the website that provided the free image. By doing this, you genuinely support the photographers who rely on larger organisations who can afford to commission them for various work.

You can reference the image in the following ways:

  1.  rename image file to include copyright information provided when you download image free
  2. reference the work in footer notes
  3. credit photography on printed materials
  4. keep copyright details on file so you can share this when requested to do so

Free Stock Images

Using professional images makes a big difference when it comes to producing artwork for business cards, brochures, feather flags, banners, signage, and displays.

A good quality stock image can set your design off in the best possible way.

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