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How to assemble a feather flag

Welcome to our page showing you how to assemble feather flags with ease. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This curved shaped feather flag is also known as a sail flag, zoom flag (to name a few made up names)

5 Step Guide to assembling your Feather Flag:

  1. lay the pole sections out on the floor so you can clearly see the different sections - the thickest section will go into the base, ground spike or wall bracket you are using. The thinnest section will be the top section of the flag.
  2. carefully push the sections together
  3. pick up the flag and start slowly pushing the top section through the sleeve
  4. some feather flags have a loop on the bottom to secure onto the bottom of the flag pole - this will ensure the flag itself curves around the poles properly and looks nice and smart (if the flag looks loose or floppy this will indicate you need to secure flag on the bottom)
  5. you are now ready to place flag in your base

This banner shaped feather flag is also known as a banner flag, flag banner (to name but a few)

7 Step Guide to assembling your Banner Shaped Feather Flag:

  1. you will have an extendable pole with an upper arm
  2. remove the upper arm from pole section (ignore if supplied separately)
  3. slowly push main pole through sleeve
  4. slowly push upper arm through top of flag sleeve
  5. secure upper arm into top of pole section
  6. adjust the flagpole to desired height
  7. place flag and pole into base
feather flag assembly, How to assemble a Feather Flag

How to assemble a Feather Flag

This page shows how to assemble two different types of feather flags, including simple-to-follow videos. Assemble your feather flags with ease!

It always pays to set up your feather flags before attending an event or show, just to make sure everything you need is included and your assembly won't take ages.

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