How to extend the life of Promotional Flags.

Promotional flags come in all shapes and sizes and we include every type in this article, including sail flags, feather flags, teardrop flags and traditional flags used for promotional purposes.


The first thing to bear in mind with promotional flags is the simple fact they are designed as portable signage. They are not to be used as permanent signage and left out in all weathers, 24/7.

Promotional flags are by design, light, so it’s important to bring them in at the end of each trading day.

Simply remove them from the base or bracket used and lay them on a flat surface (floor is absolutely fine)

Most promotional flags bought from reputable flag makers will withstand winds between 20-35mph, but it is not recommended to leave them exposed to heavy winds.

The common material used with promotional flags tends to be a light or medium weight pongee of polyester knit. This material will be a good all rounder, but bear in mind every type of weather has an effect (excessive wind and rain, long periods of sunshine)

Excessive exposure to sunshine will result in a fading of the print too, so please bear this in mind when using daily outdoors during those wonderful periods of prolonged sunshine!