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XL Sailflag 5.2m

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If you want to be seen from afar the XL Sailflag at 5.2 metres is designed to give you maximum impact at large scale outdoor events.

Price includes flag and flagpole. Additional options include water fillable base, metal base or concrete base (fillable base will need to be full with water or sand)

A system designed for impact with a 4.5m flag on a 5.2m pole system.

A large portable flag system designed to improve impact at outdoor or large scale events. If you need a sail flag or feather flag that needs to be seen above the rest, the XL is a great option.

• Best mounted onto a fillable base, concrete base or metal base

• Available in standard print only

Bottom edge finish:
Straight / Scooped 

Flag: 4.5m Long x 66cm Wide *

Pole: H 5.2m • D 22mm • W 2kg

Base: 50cm x 50cm • H 25cm • W 2.5kg

Our flags are made to order using a number of processes, including digital printing (using water based inks) alongside a heat sublimation process. This provides the most vibrant colour reproduction possible, with an eye of value for money.

*Please note: Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided.

We can lay out basic designs with our free design service.

You can use the templates below to either draft out a copy of what you would like OR design and submit the full artwork yourself.

• XL Sailflag Straight Edge

• XL Sailflag Curved Edge

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