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Value Feather Flag 1.6m

Standard £49 | Double sided £79

in stock

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The value Feather Flag is designed for small pavement spaces | wall mounting | indoor spaces with low ceilings

An entry level flag with 1.3m flag on 1.6m pole system. Small, light and compact. Recommended use in winds up to 25mph only.

A value for money, entry level portable flag designed for narrow streets and tight spaces.

• Can be mounted onto a base, ground spike or wall bracket.

• Available in standard or double sided print

Flag: 1.2m Long x 39cm Wide *

Pole: H 1.6m • D 22mm • W 350g

Base: 40cm x 40cm • H 15cm • W 1.5kg

Wall Bracket: W 12cm Square • Flag Spigot 6cm • W 600g

Ground Spike: 60cm long | Spigot (holds flagpole) 14cm

Due to manufacturing process there can be small differences in measurements provided

We can lay out basic designs with our free design service.

You can use the templates below to either draft out a copy of what you would like OR design and submit the full artwork yourself.

• Standard value feather flag | • Double sided value feather flag