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the cosy kitchen feather flags

the cosy kitchen sailflags feather flagsDressing up food and drink trailer units

When you are selling food and drink at outdoor events, it pays to dress up your trailer or unit as best as you can, especially if there's competition.

At larger events, for example, it does pay to make your unit stand out from the rest. By doing this, you obviously maximise the amount of money and return on investment you've made to have the space.

There is nothing worse than turning up for a show or event, where you are a little way away from the main footfall.

Having large flags with you to help you stand out in the crowds, can really save the event for you, so they are well worth having in your itinerary.

The size of flags available, will vary from 2m up to 5.2m. Some customers we deal with secure them up as high as possible, so they can be seen from every conceivable area of the showground or event ground.

Another nice feature regarding using promotional flags at events is, they break down into small sections and can be easily stored away in the back of a van or boot of a car.

Don't get caught out at shows and buy a couple for your next event - you won't regret it!

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