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Banner flagsWhy use promotional flags for business and what are the key benefits or drawbacks?

Promotional flags have grown in popularity over the last 10 years, especially in the retail, public service, charity and event sectors. This article explores why the demand for promotional flags continues to grow and the key benefits or drawbacks of introducing them into a business.


+ Attract the eye
+ Highlight a business premises
- Flags need to be cared for to prolong impact
- Text heavy flags can lose impact


+ Natural movement displays messages and POS in a subtle way
+ Flags look less invasive than A Boards
- Washed out flags can blend into environment too easily


+ Can be used for any type of business
+ No restrictions on colour
+ S, M, L, XL flag sizes available
- Flag shapes tend to come in a small range of shapes


+ Can be moved around a business premises easily
+ Can be transported to shows easily
+ Portable flags bypass local restrictions on the use of signage
- Flags need to be brought in each day
- Light systems are not suitable in high winds (over 30mph)

Cost Effective

+ Sizes to suit all budgets
+ Cheaper than local newspaper advertising
+ Flags can be replaced at a reduced cost
- Expensive if not cared for properly

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