Hardware Delays and Import IssuesHardware Delays and Import Issues

We have noticed in recent weeks that a lot of printers are running out of hardware on portable flags and free-standing banners.

The types of hardware include pole systems, bases, and cartridges.

This issue is not going away at the moment and the main causes appear to be rising manufacturing costs overseas, landing costs, import duties, and freight.

It’s also been a busy summer, with many printers reporting sales in excess of pre covid levels, which in turn has resulted in a shortage of certain supplies.

We have been fortunate enough to keep stock levels at a healthy level, but have had a lot of customers asking for kit they cannot buy from existing suppliers.

The pole sets, for example, are not made to a single standard industry size, which can result in customers not being able to source their normal flags.

If it helps, we can custom make the flags if we have either an old flag, or an existing pole system.

Failing that, we would recommend ordering our flags and pole sets, so you know everything will fit just right.