feather flags vs sailflagsFeather Flags vs Sailflags

What’s the difference?
None. Both are advertising flags. The shape of a feather or sailflag can be the same.

Why do different flag makers call them different names?
There is no current standardisation of advertising flags in place, which has led to flag makers adopting a number of different descriptions for the same product.

Is one shape better than another?
It is true to say that the most popular advertising flags tend to use a curved top, with either a scooped or square edged bottom.

What other shapes are available?
Banner shaped flags, rectangular in style (referenced as feather flags with some flag makers) Teardrop Flags, traditionally shaped like a tear.

How do you choose the right shape?
Curved shaped flags work well for modern or progressive brands, especially for outdoor use. Banner shaped flags work well for traditional brands. Teardrop shaped flags are ideal for sports and outdoor adventure brands.