Flag Care

flags at a zoo entranceThe majority of flags made today are designed to be brought in (or down) each day to prolong presentation and product life.

Flags subjected to 24/7 display outdoors, generally last up to 6 months (much less if exposed to extreme weather conditions) If flags need to be displayed 24/7 we can reinforce many of our products if necessary, so please ask for details.

Flags cared for and stored overnight will last significantly longer, in many cases 1-2 years, but we do have customers who are still using original flags supplied over 5 years ago.

It is fair to say however, flags tend to last longer where premises are sheltered, whilst flags displayed in coastal or exposed areas tend to perish quickly. Storing flags away at night is therefore imperative for coastal areas or those more exposed areas in the UK.

With an eye on the environment, it is always best to repair flags as soon as they show signs of wear and tear, rather than allow them to fray at the edges and disperse fibres into the atmosphere. It is also recommended to replace flags once significant discolouration sets in. If flags attract customers to your business, aged or dirty looking flags reflect poorly on your brand or the customers confidence in the product or service offered.

Promotional flags are proven to be a very cost effective form of attracting customers, compared to traditional advertising, so it’s well worth keeping your flags looking clean and tidy!

Sailflags offer a free repair service to help you keep flags in good order, so please contact us as soon as you notice any wear and tear. We will repair where possible and return to you quickly (often within 24-48 hours) If the flags are beyond repair or need replacing, we offer a flag only printing service at a much reduced cost when compared to purchasing a complete system.

General Flag Care Advice:

  • Bring flags in or down each day and store indoors (overnight)
  • Repair flags as soon as fraying shows on flag edges
  • Keep flags away from obstructions (walls, fencing) and allow them to move freely within 360°
  • Allow portable flags to rotate 360°
  • Do not display flags in extreme weather conditions (wind over 35mph, extreme rain, excessive heat)
  • Flags can be washed on warm heat setting (20-30°)

We are always very keen to understand how and where flags will be used to ensure they will be fit for purpose and able to meet your needs and expectations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further advice or suggestions.