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British flagTraditional Flag Care

    • Bring down flags in excessive weather to prolong product life
    • Wash within flag makers recommended temperature guidelines
    • Check stitching and material for signs of wear and tear

Flags are not indestructible - so looking after you flags during periods of excessive weather conditions will dramatically increase product life.
Excessive weather conditions include:

    • Hot summer days, where over exposure to sun can cause dis-colouration
    • Heavy spells of prolonged rain where material becomes saturated
    • Heavy winds
    • A variety of above during seasonal fluctuations

When you consider excessive fluctuations in weather patterns nowadays, it's little wonder flag material won't last long if hoisted and displayed 24/7 seven days a week.

Promotional Flag Care

With the recent emergence of promotional flags such as Feather Flags, Sailflags and Teardrop Flags, it's first worth noting that a high percentage of these made are designed for portable use (both indoor and outdoor)
Portable flag systems are light by design, making it easier for people to bring in at night or transport easily between shows.
Leaving portable flag systems out in all weathers is therefore not recommended.

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